See – Season 3 Episode 2 “Watch Out for Wolves” Recap & Review

Watch Out for Wolves

Episode 2 of See Season 3 begins in the aftermath of that big explosion. Baba Voss is saved but Lion is gone. In fact, so too is Tormada, who seems to have just left instead of taking Baba Voss in alive. Anyway, Baba blames himself for her death, pointing out that he’s responsible for bringing the Trivantians to their door.

Not wishing to do Ranger any more harm, he decides to bid farewell and head back to Paya. “Beware of wolves,” Ranger signs off, and leaves Baba to his thoughts… and to say one final farewell to Lion.

Maghra heads down to see the traitorous witchfinders who are behind bars and face death. The thing is, killing them whilst keeping Queen Kane alive could be a tricky power play.

Tamacti Jun sees this as a way of working toward a greater good of law and order, but ultimately Kane’s death – or handing her over alive to the Trivantians like they wanted – are both much more likely to garner peace than being docile and not doing anything.

Still, Maghra is conflicted given she’s her sister. Although, ironically even Kane herself points out that Maghra needs to do things that are evil in order to uphold the good of the kingdom. Kane admits that if the roles were reversed she’d happily sacrifice Maghra. When she points out that the Trivantians want her alive though, Kane’s smile immediately drops and she goes silent.

Lucien and Tamacti Jun fight, with the latter coming out on top. This officially brings a close to their righteous church. Elsewhere, Wren heads up to see Oloman, who happens to be held captive. She speaks to him and points out that Haniwa is still alive. She looks set to cut him free but Oloman refuses. He also confirms that Edo killed Jerlamarel. His family is being held in his father’s compound, so they come up with a plan.

Wren will go back to Trivantes while Oloman will free his family. When the Triangle learns Tormad has been working with the sighted to build weapons, she believes he’ll be stripped of his rank and put on trial. Just a reminder once again that there are working guns in this world, as shown at the end of season 1.

Anyway, Oloman rejects her idea, given Tormada has won the Ganite War, killing hundreds. Oloman is unfortunately stabbed when they try to escape and bleeds out, conveniently after telling Wren exactly what she needed. Wren though, rushes away.

Meanwhile, a rift grows between Haniwa and Kofun, with the latter obviously now a father and ashamed of what’s happened. Haniwa plays the victim, unhappy that she’s being punished for her brother’s coldness.

Kofun shows up to see Kane, who offers him his child. While holding Wolffe, he has a moment with his son but unfortunately it ends in disappointment, as Kofun walks away off the back of Kane’s taunting words. Maghra overhears and takes Wolffe, pointing out Kane’s destructive and having made a decision over her future.

Maghra decides to hand over Kane after all at first light. However, Baba Voss is back, having snuck in earlier on off-screen. He warns Maghra that the Trivantians have a brand new weapon that will swing the war in their favour. He also breaks the news about Bow Lion died too.

Baba Voss believes that the negotiations for Kane’s releases are a front for what’s otherwise going to be a declaration for war. He urges her to lock up the Trivantian ambassador and make the first move, but when Maghra refuses, he takes matters into his own hands.

Baba Voss sneaks into her tent and threatens the ambassador that night with a sword. However, he’s caught off-guard by the fact Harlan is in bed with her. When he incredulously asks what Baba is doing, the ambassador blows her whistle, sending a number of men out to attack and, eventually, hold Baba Voss captive.

Maghra gets involved and manages to calm things down…but only until she reveals to Baba that Kofun is not accepting his son, Wolffe, and that Kane is his mother. Oh, and Kane killed Paris too. Baba Voss is not happy and immediately goes on a rampage, burning hot with rage as he goes after Kane.

The Episode Review

Baba Voss returns and I have to say, this episode is full of contrivances. Why didn’t Tormada follow up his explosions by taking out Baba Voss or capturing him? Why just leave? Not only that but Baba Voss just waltzing back into Paya and happening to be in one of the rooms, without being detected by anyone, feels like another point of contention too.

However, the combat at night (despite being pretty poorly lit) is a nice set-piece to break things up and certainly helps to inject some pace into this chapter, which ultimately serves to move the pieces around this deadly chessboard.

This show still falls down with its broken worldbuilding though, especially given we know guns exist in this world and they could easily usurp all the blinded without much thought. Not only that, but Haniwa has been completely side-lined here too, which is a shame. Hopefully she has a bigger role to play moving forward.

This week’s episode feels very much like a stopgap before we dive into more dramatic waters, and judging by that ending, it could well come at the hands of Baba Voss.

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