See – Season 3 Episode 1 “Heavy Hangs The Head” Recap & Review

Heavy Hangs The Head

Episode 1 of See Season 3 picks up just over 8 months in the future after the events last year. We’re at the Trivantian/Granite Border 256 days after that big battle. Surrounded from all sides, a small Trivantian convoy led by Wren is ambushed and they’re forced to retreat. Thankfully they do, descending down a steep crevasse courtesy of a rope and some questionable CGI.

Wren and her men have been sent to try and quell this uprising but instead, it’s turning into a full-scale war that they’re losing. Just to add insult to injury, a guy called Tormada shows up to taunt them, pointing out to Wren that she’s losing the war. This guy happens to be a Lieutenant Commander, who served under the late General Edo Voss. He’s the chief scientist – and a big deal. He also believes that science is going to be the turning point here.

That science manifests itself the next day as 200-strong warriors look set to attack Wren’s position. The soldiers are worried, shaking and breathing heavily… but Tormada is not phased. In fact, he’s pretty chill. Covering his ears, he watches as explosions rock the landscape; dozens of bombs are set off and kill all the soldiers approaching.

Wren walks with Tormada through the bloody wreckage, severed limbs sticking out like gnarly gravestones. Tormada is convinced that he will succeed where Edo failed – especially if he can perfect these explosives. And of course, he wants an alliance with Wren to make that happen. It’s not much of a choice to be fair; she’s essentially forced into it. Not only that but he’s lusting for blood.

Tormada has turned his attention East and wants to take out Paya and Baba Voss. Tormada is leaving in search of Baba but he leaves behind the towering figure of General Maddox to oversee proceedings, making sure she’s kept in check.

Meanwhile, the insufferable Queen Kane is still around and about to give birth. Maghra is there too and helps out with the delivery. It’s touch and go for a few seconds but eventually the child does begin crying. It’s also a boy too whom Kane decides to name Wolffe, after his father.

In the wake of this, Tamacti Jun and Harlan speak to Maghra about her end of the deal. If you’ll remember, she’s supposed to hand over Kane to the Trivantians once she’s delivered her child. Maghra ignores them though, instead busying herself with feeding the child. The thing is, if they don’t hold up their end of the bargain, it could lead to a big fight.

Kofun immediately rejects his child too, ashamed of what’s transpired given the mother of his child is a crazed, murderous psychopath. Harlan offers him some words of encouragement and the pair end up having a drink together outside.

We’ve heard a lot about Baba Voss this episode and finally we catch up with him alone off in the woods. After helping an injured wild dog, Baba continues on his mission… but he’s not alone. He’s been staying with Lu for a few months and things are tense. Bow Lion is there too and reminds Baba that he’s a great leader, but he’s not so sure.

With the people rebelling against Queen Kane and it likely to spark a big civil war, attention turns to whether they should hand over Queen Kane to the Trivantians or not. Maghra standing by Kane’s side hasn’t helped matters either, with the idea of killing Kane presented and debated among this small council.

The more popular opinion happens to be Kane “dying from child birth complications.” That doesn’t fly with Maghra, or the Trivantians for that matter when it’s revealed they actually want a public trial. They want Kane alive.

Maghra quickly realizes that this means her sister would be kept alive and tortured for years… but it would also salvage their tribe. Unfortunately, Maghra decides not to hand Kane over, much to Tamacti Jun’s displeasure. This is not going to go well.

As the episode closes out, we jump back to Baba Voss, who realizes he’s not alone. Tormada has tracked him down and taunts Baba about the nature of death. He promises to kill his wife and kids… but as Bow Lion tries to get the jump on the scientist, she steps on an explosive and is blown sky high.

The Episode Review

See is back and we immediately skip forward all the way to Queen Kane’s birth and the drama following that incident. In a way, See really squandered its potential way back in season 1 when it was revealed there are guns in this world and people who are sighted. Those two combinations essentially destroy the worldbuilding completely and undermine the credibility of this bleak world.

Beyond that though, this first episode essentially introduces us to a brand new threat in Tormada and his maniacal love for explosives along with a quick catch up with our various characters. There’s nothing particularly outstanding here but after the events of season 2, it’ll be interesting to see how this final season concludes this tale.

Either way though, that ending seems to hint that Baba Voss is about to head back to Paya to protect his tribe, and that could well result in more battles to come. We’ll have to wait and see though!

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  1. I get that the series is built on the premise of a post-apocalyptic world. But they go so far as to show a deteriorating city of highrises and an entire rotting battleship run aground. How is it believable that the people are simply unaware of what a bomb is? The godflame? Weapons of thunder and fire? C’mon! IT’S A BOMB!!

  2. It sure looks like the dog is going to become (maybe even a significant)part of the last season. All I can say is they better not kill it.

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