See – Apple+ Season 2 Episode 7 “The Queen’s Speech” Recap & Review

The Queen’s Speech

Episode 7 of See Season 2 begins with Queen Kane ominously unveiling the grim reality facing Pennsa. With negotiations breaking down (thanks to Kane’s assassinations), she claims that they’re now at war. Maghra speaks up though, bringing up the topic of the witchfinders and how they won’t fight for her.

Tamacti Jun soon shows though, turning the tide and commanding the armies to his back. They’re still going to war though, but who leads the group into battle is up to the people. However, Kane’s crimes are actually punishable by death, which Tamacti Jun is more than willing to give out… until Paris speaks up. Ugh, why?

Anyway, Paris confirms  that Kane is pregnant with a sighted baby, this one belonging to Kofun of course. Given it’s against their customs to kill someone who’s pregnant, Kane is taken to the castle instead.

Meanwhile, Edo Voss and Wren both march toward Pennsa. Their army is only 5 or 6 days away from their destination and could cause devastation if they make it. Maghra decides to go after Edo Voss and his soldiers, realizing that there are sighted soldiers amongst them.

Back in Pennsa, the group contemplate just how to tackle this upcoming battle. Baba Voss is reluctant about sending his sighted children into battle, unsure how to gain an advantage. Hey, how about collecting those machine guns we saw at Jerlamarel’s place during the season 1 finale?

Anyway, Baba Voss starts to despair, unsure whether they can win this war. Tamacti Jun though reassures him that they’re both soldiers and were born for this. Whether they like it or not, Pennsa are going to war. Maghra helps give a rousing speech to see off the soldiers, which ultimately paves way for all these blind soldiers to march off into battle. Maghra meanwhile, is to stay behind and rule.

Elsewhere though, Toad and Paris head off on a mission of their own. The latter is convinced that sight is returning to the world and with it, any semblance of uniqueness to this show. Anyway, on the eve of battle disaster strikes in Pennsa. Maghra senses something amiss and awakens in the middle of the night, pouring oil across the floor.

Trivantian assassins sneak in, eventually going toe to toe with Maghra. Lord Harlan does his best to help but he’s thrown around the room like a rag-doll. Eventually he’s stabbed through the gut for his troubles, while Maghra manages to save him – and herself – just in time. With the assassins dead, they breathe a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, Baba Voss and the others make it to the abandoned ruins of an old fortress. Tamacti Jun believes they can turn the tide of battle by forcing the soldiers into a narrow trench, condensing their forces into a bottleneck of sorts.

Haniwa however, decides to go and speak to Edo Voss and Wren herself, alone. She’s intent on telling them what’s happened to Kane and how she was the one responsible. With Maghra now the queen and Kane in custody, Wren and Haniwa share a moment alone in the middle of the battlefield. As they begin kissing (time and a place guys) they realize there’s no stopping what’s to come; war is upon us.

The Episode Review

It’s taken a while but it seems we’re finally getting our battle this season after all. With Kane now usurped from the throne and Tamacti Jun teaming up with Baba Voss and the others, it would appear as if they’re helplessly outnumbered. If only there was some metallic item that could fire high-powered bullets to turn the tide of battle?

Of course, anyone who has been following my recaps will know I’ve mentioned guns a lot. In terms of world-building, it would have made so much more sense to just confirm all guns have been destroyed or that they no longer work but given we’ve seen them used during season 1’s finale, it completely destroys any logic or battle tactics.

Speaking of which, the sighted very clearly have a tactic advantage here so it’ll be interesting to see what part Wren and Haniwa have to play in the coming war. And on that same subject, why did Toad teach Kofun how to fight blindfolded? What’s the point? It’s not like Star Wars where you need to feel the force, he can literally grab a bow and arrow and fire. It would have made more sense to teach him how to use ranged weapons, surely!

Either way though, this penultimate chapter sets things up nicely for next week’s finale in what’s otherwise been a rather tepid second season.

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