See – Apple+ Season 2 Episode 5 “The Dinner Party” Recap & Review

The Dinner Party

Episode 5 of See Season 2 begins with Queen Kane rallying the troops on the back of the big marriage. Maghra is concerned and tries to convince her to beat the Trivantians without sacrificing any soldiers. In fact, Maghra suggests she show up as an emissary to try and talk Edo and the others into surrendering.

In order to confirm this, Kane wants a formal apology and reparations for the attack on Kanzua. That’s obviously not going to happen, but Kane uses Maghra’s own words against her.

Meanwhile, Kofun tries to gain training from Toad. He wants to be able to defend himself… but yet he has the gift of sight. So the only defence Kofun needs is a good machine gun, which we’ve seen exists in this world. That would require logic though, which this show lacks. Anyway, I digress.

From one sighted child to the next, Haniwa, Baba Voss and Tamacti Jun make it to Pennsa and arrive at Penna. With Tamacti waiting outside, Baba Voss and Haniwa make a grand entrance, where thy’re reunited with Maghra. The only trouble is, she’s now married to Lord Harlan, who shows up and immediately reveals the truth to Baba Voss.

That evening, Queen Kane invites all the travelers over for dinner. While sat at the table, Kane continues to rile everyone up, commenting on the current state of affairs. She revels in telling the group that Maghra is about to head out on her own mission to the Trivantians. Baba Voss scoffs at the idea, knowing that there’s no way his brother will give up without a fight. And of  course, this is precisely what Kane is banking on.

When Baba storms off (with Kane smirking the entire time), Maghra joins him and admits that she can’t leave Pennsa just yet. She believes she can usurp the throne from Kane and eventually take over.

In order to do that, our rebels band together outside and join Tamacti, who’s still outside. They all intend to outsmart the queen and stop war from consuming both lands. Maghra tasks Tamacti with gathering the witchfinders but they need to move quickly, especially with Kane’s warmongering.

Meanwhile, Toad makes it to the palace but he runs into Paris, revealing that he’s brought Kofun to them. As they talk, Paris implores him to keep Kofun safe for the time being – after commenting on how stupid his name is of course.

Still, Kofun reunites with his family and after having his hair braided by Haniwa, heads out into the woods with Baba Voss. It’s a touching reunion for father and son, one that eventually paves way for Haniwa contemplating his next move in his chambers.

Queen Kane shows up though and pretends to be vulnerable, admitting that she’s lost her baby. She spins her venomous words around him, telling Kofun that he’s the future of this land and seducing him into submission.

The Episode Review

See bows out this week with another politically charged episode, one that centers almost exclusively on Pennsa. With the whole family together, the rebellion looks set to begin. Of course, this is going to be made difficult by Edo Voss and his forces, so we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

In the meantime though, this chapter does well to advance the individual characters forward but continues to tease this war on the periphery of political scheming. While some may enjoy this, compared to the adventurous, globe-trotting adventures of the first season, this all feels quite contained and static.

Still, the world is fascinating but the actual world-building falls apart if you even so much as think about anything logically. We’ll have to wait and see what direction this one will take next, but it’s fair to say this war is only just beginning.

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  1. The series is nuts and doesn’t make any sense. Like, how do they manufacture things? How can all the people wear clothes that match? Whose making these clothes, dishes just about anything amd really, they ride horses?

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