See – Apple+ Season 2 Episode 4 “The Witchfinder” Recap & Review

The Witchfinder

Episode 4 of See Season 2 begins with Maghra bathing while Kane continues to spit her venomous words around her sister. With the upcoming marriage ceremony, Kane reminds her that she needs to play her part to convince everyone in Pennsa she’s in love.

Out in the wilderness, Baba Voss and Haniwa continue on to Pennsa, reflecting on what’s transpired so far. Tamcti and Paris wind up talking too, with the former well-aware of what lies in store for him at Pennsa. However, his intel is undoubtedly vital, which is why he’s being kept alive for the time being.

Baba Voss is not in a good way though. He’s got a nasty fever and is in desperate need of a healer in the valleys. Tamcti Jun is not willing to join them, given what he’s done to them in the past, and decides to camp nearby until they return.

Well, he ends up showing nonetheless and decides to try and gain retribution for what he’s done. Baba Voss though immediately takes him outside, telling him death must be earned just as much as life.

Meanwhile, Edo promises to avenge the fallen in the city. However, he receives crucial intel in the form of the Queen’s first Witchfinder defecting. He’s disillusioned with the current developments regarding the sighted and wants to serve Edo.

Unfortunately he also spills the truth about Haniwa being sighted and part of the royal family. This immediately rings alarm bells for Edo, who walks away thoughtfully. Wren however, can only watch from afar in horror.

Kofun arrives in Pennsa and immediately learns of the upcoming wedding. He’s not exactly happy and bursts into the royal chambers where Maghra is deep in thought. She promises to tell all and explain what’s happening, leaving her son frustrated and in the dark for now. He struggles to comprehend with what’s happening as a teary-eyed Maghra shuffles away.

The ceremony gets underway, with Kofun watching from afar with disdain. As day turns to night, Kane arrives in Kofun’s chambers and embraces the boy. She promises to keep him safe, and goes on to kiss him on the lips. He’s taken aback by this but it’s obvious what Kane’s playing at here. She wants a sighted babe again and believes Kofun can give that to her.

Unknown to her that Haniwa is actually safe, Maghra calls on Harlan and his brother Kerrigan to smuggle Haniwa out of Trivanti territory. Eventually he agree to do this for her, calling it a wedding gift for good measure.

As the episode closes out, there’s a really touching moment between Paris and Tamcti Jun. In a field of broken wind turbines, sticking up like renewable graves, Tamacti Jun recounts the horrific story of how Queen Kane killed his mother and child.

Through all the bloodshed he can remember every person he’s slaughtered but can’t seem to recall the faces of his own family. It doesn’t justify his actions of course, bit it’s enough to dive a little deeper into this character.

Leaving the valley, and with Baba Voss now healed up, the gang prepare to travel to Pennsa.

The Episode Review

See slows down again this week, delivering a character-driven chapter that doesn’t really do anything with the plot. Sure we see a little more about Tamcti Jun (who I’m guessing they’re setting up for a heroic death as some sort of redemption y the end) while Maghra and Lord Harlan get married.

Beyond that though there’s really not a lot else to write home about. This really does feel like a filler episode and it seems to explain away just why critics were only given the first 3 episodes to review (hence why there’s no full season review up on the site yet.)

See has been a pretty average post-apocalyptic tale so far and this episode doesn’t really do a lot to change that. Hopefully next week can spice things up a bit.

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