See – Apple+ Season 2 Episode 3 “The Compass” Recap & Review

The Compass

Episode 3 of See Season 2 begins with Edo Voss under-fire for Baba Voss escaping with Tamcti Jun. The council are not happy and are under the impression there’s a traitor amongst them. Of course, we know this is Wren who side-glances around the room nervously. Unfortunately she’s put in a difficult position to question every single guard until someone breaks.

Meanwhile, Oloman heads in to see Jerlamarel who’s still struggling and remains dead-set on gaining his sight back. He implores his son to keep this development quiet to the Trivantians, who would clearly take advantage of him if they knew about his sight.

Outside the city and away from Jerlamarel, Haniwa learns that her mother is a princess. It’s a pretty startling revelation for her, but one that helps to establish just where Maghra and Kane are holding up. Thanks to some markings on the wall, they learn she’s in Pennsa.

Out in the wilderness, Baba Voss and Haniwa are attacked by a group of bandits. With things looking bleak, the gang are saved by a bloodthirsty and ruthless group of women, led by Paris. With Kofun on his way to Pennsa, Paris learns that Voss is working with the Witchfinder General.

Now, these women happens to be part of The Compass, which is a secret society of guardians. The membership to this group is passed on from mother to daughter, waiting in secret until the birth of sighted children.

Paris was actually one of the group too; a Compass warrior long ago. She left because she broke the rules, allowing a sighted child access to the archives. Unfortunately, she awoke one morning to find the boy gone, along with books and knotted codes. And that boy? None other than Jerlamarel.

In Pennsa, Kane reveals that she’s lost her baby to Maghra. Using this, and the threat of an uprising across the city, Maghra begrudgingly agrees to marry Lord Harlan. However, this will only be a formal engagement to quell the grumbling masses, when in reality they won’t be wed.

Maghra calls on Harlan to help find Baba Voss and Haniwa for the privilege. Only, Kane jumps on this news first and ousts them all in the council.

Meanwhile, Edo Voss shows up to see Jerlamarel. He’s convinced that the man is responsible for helping Baba Voss, demanding to know where Baba is. Edo learns that Baba has taken Jerlamarel’s sight, losing his effectiveness. And just like that, Edo slices his head off and turns to Oloman, claiming he needs a *ahem* clear head for what’s to come.

The Episode Review

The latest episode of See sees big changes afoot. With Jerlamarel now dead and Oloman taking over, Edo and his soldiers look set to pave the way for a big conflict on the horizon with Kane and Pennsa. Jerlamarel’s secret is out too and unfortunately this all ends in the worst way, with the man beheaded.

Meanwhile, Haniwa and Baba Voss learn more about this mysterious Compass group, which is a nice inclusion to the lore of this post-apocalyptic world. It also helps to shed more light on Paris and her history too, especially given Jerlamarel was the original gifted boy she was overseeing.

The situation at Pennsa continues to bubble up in the midst of all this though, leaving plenty of question marks over what direction this one is likely to take going forward.

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