See – Apple+ Season 2 Episode 1 “Brothers and Sisters” Recap & Review

Brothers and Sisters

Episode 1 of See Season 2 begins with Baba Voss out in the woods, showing off his skills and taking out a small scouting group. This happens to be a training session for Tamacti, who’s encouraged to “feel” his kill.

Meanwhile, a captured Haniwa finds herself at the mercy of her captors. Lieutenant Wren is the one tasked with watching over Haniwa, while we finally get a glimpse of who the one in charge is. This man happens to be Baba Voss’ brother, Commander General Edo Voss.

Baba Voss heads off to track down Haniwa nonetheless, with a chest plate and a sword in hand. He warns Tamacti that his eyes can betray him and gives him advice over how to fight. Just to interject here, given guns exist in this world, he should probably just grab a machine gun. It would solve a whole lot of problems. Anyway, I digress.

As fate would have it, Lieutenant Wren can actually see too, which Haniwa soon discovers after throwing an apple at her face. Both find solace in their gift but Haniwa realizes she can use this to her advantage. She quickly seizes to blackmail Wren, offering to tell Edo and the others about her gift. Wren swiftly puts a knife up to Haniwa’s throat though, retorting back that they’d just chalk it up to the mad ravings of a prisoner.

Edo’s issues with Baba stem from their family history. Edo has been waiting a long time to try and gain revenge, determined to make Baba pay for the death of his parents, which Edo believes Baba caused. He knows Baba is coming too, given he uncovers the slaughtered bandits outside the city, but it doesn’t take long for our protagonist to make it into through the Eastern Gate.

Meanwhile, following her usurp of the throne last season and dam bursting, Queen Kane shows up to rapturous applause in Pennsa. Lord Harlan isn’t exactly thrilled to see her, given his longstanding rule of the place, as Maghra watches from afar and exhibits her own concerns over what’s happening. Kane is rash and just a little arrogant, believing herself to be untouchable. That’s a dangerous position to have and Maghra can sense the danger. She tries to warn Kane, encouraging her to seek council and to try and gain the favour of Lord Harlan. There could well be a coup to try and take power away from her but Kane is having none of it.

As word of Maghra surviving spreads across the wilderness, this inevitably makes its way to Tamacti, who remains desperate to see his mother again.

In Pennsa, Kane immediately starts to stir up trouble. With Harlan watching from afar, Kane greets the people and tells them the Trivantian army are responsible for murdering them and destroyed Kanzua. She spills a prophecy about her being pregnant, hearing the voice of God and rallying the people to her cause. Maghra isn’t exactly happy. With one speech she’s not only brought their people to a potential slaughter but also sowed the seeds of a revolution, what with her talk of a sighted baby.

While this bubbles up, Baba Voss finds his way into Edo’s fortress, working his way through the guards one at a time. However, it doesn’t take long before he’s captured and thrown in a net. As he’s strung up and held captive, Edo shows to greet his brother. Uh oh.

The Episode Review

See returns for its second season, picking up right where it left off with a story of political scheming, deception and bloodthirsty action. The show itself does well to blend all these together, even if the whole overarching story about some soldiers given the gift of sight makes this struggle completely pointless. After all, if some people can see, why not just give them a sniper rifle and take out all the soldiers from afar?

Despite this, the issues with Queen Kane arriving in Pennsa look set to cause a lot of drama going forward, while the entire saga involving Baba Voss breaking into Edo’s fortress was only really going to go one way – badly. That much is especially true here as it seems like Baba is now at his brother’s mercy.

This is still an absolutely gorgeous show and the cinematography, combined with the thrilling action sequences, are ultimately what make this such an appealing watch. Is it a bit silly and goofy? Absolutely, but it’s still good fun nonetheless.

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  1. Why do keep referring to Tofun as Tamacti? Tamacti Jun was the General Witchfinder and killed by the queen at the end of season one.

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