See – Apple+ Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Penultimate Problems

See is a show I’m quickly losing patience with. Between the gorgeous visuals and bites of action, there just isn’t a whole lot going on here worth getting excited about. Haniwa and Kofun lack much charisma, feeling very archetypal in their roles, while the slow pace and attempt to introduce new mythological elements does little to really sell the world this late in the game. After 7 episodes we’re still left with plenty of plot holes and questions, and I can’t see how that will be resolved in next week’s finale.

The Witchfinder General starts the episode by torturing a woman, desperate to find Queen Kane. Soon after, he speaks to Maghra about her children, questioning their gift of sight. Soon after, they all march out together as snow cakes the beaches and ensuing mountains. Baba Voss and the others walk up the mountainside, and while he heads off scouting, the rest of them decide to make camp for the night. Meanwhile, Maghra and the others ride toward Kane’s location while she’s beaten and tied up, unwilling to be released given she’s an asset for them.

Baba Voss leads the way again as the group walk up the shoreline, following the rows of purple flowers until they reach the ruins of a beached house. Haniwa and Kofun sit together and discuss their next steps while Baba Voss delivers some exposition about Paris’ past. As they keep walking they come across a strange ritualistic symbol, a mutilated elk with a message telling them a new God and world lies within.

After scouting the surrounding area, the Witchfinder General silently takes out the guards while Kane seizes the opportunity and chokes out their leader. In the aftermath of this, Maghra arrives and reveals herself to her sister. From here, Kane admits the truth about the dam and tries to spin the truth to serve her purpose but the Witchfinder General doesn’t take too kindly to this. He decides Kane’s position as leader should be questioned, especially after her actions killed many of his men.

Baba Voss and the others sense someone nearby as they press forward and with a throw of his staff, knocks the man down from the cliff-edge. He appears to have a decent looking bow too but before things can escalate, another man appears and tells them they can’t pass, prompting the family to discuss their options. After some deliberation, Kofun and Haniwa press forward, alone, into this strange new world.

With a whole lot of walking and a little amount of power-shifting, See delivers a penultimate episode that moves our characters around ready for the finale. With the two kids seemingly about to find out more about Jerlamarel, and a new world order about to come to fruition with Maghra leading the charge, all of this looks set to end things with a big cliffhanger ready for the next season.

Given the other big fantasy series still to hit the small screen over the next year or so, I’m struggling to see how Apple TV+’s muddled series finds a spot. With The Witcher dropping next month, Lord Of The Rings next year and The Dragon Prince doing a brilliant job with its fantasy elements, See is a visually stunning show lacking the same rich depth and world-building so desperately needed here. I should be fascinated by this world but it all feels very small and claustrophobic which is a bit of a shame. Still, the finale should be interesting and quite how this one will end, remains to be seen.

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