Secret Invasion – Season 1 Episode 2 “Promises” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Secret Invasion begins with two flashbacks; one in 1995, and the other in 1997. In the former, we see Fury working with the Skrulls in deep space. This was the time when they were presumably still living in Skrullos and weren’t challenged by the Kree. In 1997, we pick up after the destruction of Skrullos. The remaining Skrulls who could flee were brought to earth by Fury. He made them a promise to find them a new home with Carol Denvers’ help (Mrs Marvel). All he asked in return was their promise that they would keep Earth safe.

Soren, G’iah’s mother and Talos’ wife was the first one to take this pledge and others followed suit. We also learn that this was when Fury was first introduced to Gravik, who lost both his parents in the last stand against the Kree. He escaped and manned a ship all by himself to arrive at Earth.

In the present day, Talos and Fury travel to Warsaw. Agent Hill’s tragic death still hasn’t sunk in. Fury questions Talos about the destruction of Skrullos and asks Talos if there is “something he doesn’t know” about it. Talos reluctantly admits that there are thousands of Skrulls roaming the earth. He called everyone who answered out of Emperor Drogge’s colony. Fury had no idea about this and is “furious” with Talos for not revealing it to him.

Fury then goes to London and pays his respect to Elizabeth, Maria’s mother. Her body is brought for burial. Elizabeth blames Fury for her death and asks him to bring to justice the people behind it.

Gravik’s plan, to use America Against Russia to incite war against these two countries, seems to be working. The police have taken into custody Martin Wallace (whom we saw in the last episode), who is actually a Skrull.

The UK PM Pamela Lawton and NATO Secretary General Sergio Caspani are among those who denounce the act. It turns out that Gravik is a part of some Council that features the above emissaries. Actually, Lawton and Caspani are Skrulls disguised as humans. The Council also features Shirley, Chris Stearns, and Jack Hyuk-bin. Gravik establishes the bottom line: he will take Earth for the Skrulls at all costs. Fury failed in his promise and this is them holding up their end of the bargain.

Lawton suggests they nominate Gravik as their wartime leader with total and unchecked powers. Everyone except Shirley submits to Gravik as the leader and she is disbanded from the Council. She informs Talos of the developments, who asks her to set up a meeting with Gravik, even if it means he will kill Talos when he sees him.

Gravik is given a hero’s welcome back at the Skrulls’ camp. G’iah follows Pagon as she goes to meet Dr. Rosa Dalton, who asks about the “Harvest.” But Pagon doesn’t have it. Gravik does not seem to know its whereabouts. But what is the Harvest? It is not clear at the moment. We turn our attention to the emergency security summit where Colonel Rhodes is representing the US. He denies all allegations that Fury and Hill were involved in the bombing somehow.

Rhodes and Fury meet shortly after the summit. The latter reports that he wasn’t involved and tells him that everyone in his security detail is a spy. Rhodes mentions that he knows about the Skrulls and Fury confirms that they are already invading Earth. Fury asks him for help but Rhodes makes his position clear: as part of a government envoy, he cannot brazenly go against the rules. Rhodes “fires” Fury, who promises not to “relinquish his DNA” and fight the war on his own.

Sonya has gotten ahold of Wallace (who is actually Brogan) and interrogates him about the bombings. She tortures him into revealing that Gravik is building a machine that will “elevate their powers.” He also tells Sonya about the married couple, Daltons, who are leading the science.

In the meantime, Gravik has located where Brogan is being held and Pagon leads a team to the spot. When Sonya hears the gunfire outside, she escapes through the hatch in the ground. The police show up at their safe house, which makes Gravik suspect Brogan revealed key details of their operations., He executes Brogan midway in the woods. The episode ends with another tempting revelation. Fury is actually married to a Skrull whose name is Priscilla.

The Episode Review

Nick Fury’s personal life just burst onto the scene. Being married to a Skrull is enough evidence he does not hate the community. But he is surely muddled up in the bombing in the public eye, as his interaction with Rhodes revealed. He is literally rendered supportless as others around him make their moves. Gravik’s large-scale war was given a new layer with a secret machine being built to “give them more power.”

Episode 2 followed suit from the first episode and solidly built upon the premise. This is also the confirmation of a shift in the seriousness you can expect from upcoming Marvel projects. The balance of things hasn’t been disrupted yet. It has all been a bit “secretive” in Secret Invasion until now. Given how such projects have evolved, though, one can definitely predict a change in the coming episodes.

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