Secret Invasion – Season 1 Episode 1 “Resurrection” Recap & Review


Episode 1 of Secret Invasion begins in the present day in Moscow. Agent Everett Ross  (Martin Freeman) meets with Agent Prescod to discuss rising terrorist attacks around the globe. Prescod believes that the attacks are collaborated by the Skrulls, an otherworldly entity that can shapeshift into humans. He gives evidence to Ross to pass on to Nick Fury for action. Prescod senses hesitation in Ross’ voice and tries to kill him thinking he is a Skrull. Prescod is almost successful but is shot by Ross who then breaks free and makes a run for it.

Ross is pursued by somebody and he calls for backup during the chase. Unfortunately, he falls to his death right in front of Agent Maria Hill’s car. The man in pursuit turns out to be Talos, the leader of a secret Skrulls sect. We then see Ross’ face change into that of a Skrull’s.

Nick Fury returns from deep space, where he was working with the Skrulls. Since Secret Invasion begins with phase V of the MCU, the events happen after Avengers: Endgame when Fury went into deep space to recalibrate and figure out “his place in the new world.”

The trio gets together and discusses Gravik’s next plans. Gravik is the leader of the rebellious Skrulls who want to take over Earth. Hill explains that Skrulls are immune to radioactivity and they must be hiding in the abandoned base in Russia. Prescod had discovered that the AAR – Americans Against Russia – was a terrorist front for the Skrulls. They were building a huge bomb. This is what Ross’ imposter was trying to hide from them. The bomb will be used to incite war between America and Russia. Hill also informs Fury that a weapons cache was stolen the same day from Kazakhstan, presumably materials to build the bomb.

News of Fury’s departure from S.A.B.E.R, the project to build an infallible aerospace defence system, reaches the White House. Rhodes, our very own War Machine, informs President Ritson about Fury. During his nightly sojourn, Fury is kidnapped by Sonya Falsworth, a high-ranking MI6 agent. Sonya questions him about his presence in Russia, while Fury offers a collaboration to stop the Skrulls. Sonya rejects the offer and asks him to go back to the space station.

Next, we meet G’iah (Emily Clarke), Talos’ daughter in what she calls the “New Skrullos.” Beto, a wandering Skrull, visits her. This place is about 300 kilometres from Moscow in the abandoned plants. The compound provides refuge to all Skrulls, including Gravik’s warriors. Behind closed doors, we see the Skrulls project to kidnap humans and then take their bodies as a shell. The longer the Skrulls are attached to the shell, the harder it is to tell the difference.

Fury had installed a secret camera in Sonya’s office. He overhears her talking with her boss. She suspects Vasily Poprishchin, a former Chechnyan rebel, of making the bombs.

Fury suggests they meet the bomber himself, even if it means going against the MI6. Pagon, the general of Gravik’s army, sends G’iah to Vasily’s location to retrieve the bomb. As Fury and Talos question Vasily, G’iah, who has procured the bomb, escapes. Hill spots her and chases on foot. It turns out that Vasily is actually a Skrull. He and Talos engage in a fight, where the latter refuses Fury’s help. He ultimately shoots Vasily. Hill catches up with G’iah but she is too strong for her.

Talos is in close pursuit and stops his daughter. He tells her that G’iah’s mother died and that Gravik had something to do with it. G’iah isn’t ready to hand over the bomb and escapes. She delivers the bomb to Pagon but does not identify Talos as the person who tried to stop her. She also floats the idea that the explosions can be postponed. Still concerned about what happened to her mother, G’iah meets with Talos. He explains to her that Gravik killed her and asks G’iah to leave him. She tells him that three explosions are planned for the next day.

The Skrulls are present among the general population. G’iah has marked each of the bags with an infrared spray so that Talos can identify them. They will be placed in the city.

The day of the bombing arrives and the trio of Hill, Talos, and Fury try to stop the bombings.  While Fury follows Gravik, the other two chase the other bombers. It turns out that the bombs have been painted already and the Skrulls were carrying decoys. Gravik detonates the explosives and hundreds lose their lives. Gravik also shoots Hill dead and escapes.

The Episode Review

Cobie Smulders just cannot catch a break. Her character’s death at the end of episode 1 is disappointing but deliciously infuses the battle between Gravik and Fury to a personal level. G’iah betrayed Talos’ trust and Gravik’s plan for the bombings was successful. This is all set to put into motion a chaotic political war between the two superpowers, just as Gravik had desired. The job for Fury and Talos becomes even more difficult from here on in.

Episode 1 of Secret Invasions promises mature storytelling. The pacing and staging of the episode were the perfect introductions to the new Phase of the MCU. The main characters involved in the storyline have different motivations that push them on. That aspect of their portrayals can definitely provide Secret Invasion with a compelling thematic core which could help them form an emotional connection with the viewers.


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