Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Truth” Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Truth

Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy Episode 6 opens with the doctors attempting to revive Viktor. The story then jumps into Viktor’s past. One day, Dr. Roth pays him a visit. Roth tells Viktor that Mila booked two tickets to go to Amsterdam with Josy using his credit card. Following this, Viktor gets upset and blames Mila for being a bad influence on his daughter, Josy.

Does Viktor recall the truth behind Josy’s disappearance?

Viktor then visits Josy in her room to have a talk with her. He opens the conversation by asking whether she has anything to share. When she refuses to come clean, he tells her that he knows about her plan to go to Amsterdam with Mila.

Later that evening, Viktor discovers Isabell hiding a gun in her handbag. After she falls asleep, he looks in her purse but is unable to find the gun.

The following morning, Josy refuses to eat anything. Isabell then pushes her to have orange juice. Viktor, however, takes the juice glass away from her. Following this, he tells Isabell about Josy’s plans to go to Amsterdam with Mila and then doesn’t let her go to school that day. Viktor is preparing to take Josy to the hospital after Isabell asked him to take care of the situation.

Viktor is in a hurry to take Josy with him once Isabell leaves. However, when Isabell comes back, Viktor grabs Josy’s hands and rushes her away, saying her mother is dangerous. After this, Viktor and Josy jump into a pond, and he forces her to hide there so that they are able to avoid Isabell. However, once Isabell has left, Josy’s drowning causes her to pass out.

Since she is unresponsive, Viktor attempts to save her. When he’s given up hope and tries again, he hallucinates about Josy waking up. Following this, he is seen believing that he is taking Josy to the hospital.

Meanwhile, in his unconscious state, Anna Spiegel pushes him to introspect further. He then comes to understand that Josy didn’t actually wake up. At this point, he concludes that he murdered Josy. The doctors are then successful in reviving Viktor.

Does Viktor turn himself in to the authorities?

Viktor is currently only willing to receive treatment from Dr. Roth, and he is refusing psychotherapy. Meanwhile, Wolfgang visits Dr. Roth to plead with him to stop Viktor from confessing to the authorities.

Dr. Roth pays a visit to Viktor in an effort to help him. Following this, he tells him that Josy wasn’t the only one he hurt by his actions. He takes Viktor to meet his wife, Isabell, so he can ask for forgiveness from her.

Is Josy alive?

When Viktor reaches Isabell’s house, he apologizes and tells her that he intends to turn himself in. After Dr. Roth asks where Isabell put Josy’s body, Josy suddenly appears.

Following this, the truth about what happened on the day Josy vanished is revealed. While Viktor was hallucinating about taking Josy to the hospital, Isabell spotted Josy unconscious. She revived Josy and called Wolfgang for help.

Soon after, Viktor called Isabell to inform her that Josy had disappeared from the hospital. In order to protect Josy from Viktor, Isabell decided to hold onto that narrative and had Wolfgang help her keep Josy hidden. She did this because she had learned that Viktor was giving Josy trace amounts of an allergen.

In the present timeline, Viktor reaches out to touch Josy in an effort to get close. However, she is disappointed with him and leaves. Following this, Viktor tells Isabell that he’ll stay away from them, and he goes away.

Does Ines get promoted to her desired position?

On the other hand, Ines is offered her desired position but has handed in her resignation. She demands that her employer pay her for two years and give her other benefits. In return, she promises that she will never reveal the hospital’s secrets.

Following that, we see Ines when Dr. Roth visits her. From her horticultural business, he takes an exotic rose plant. He continues by saying he’s glad she’s pursuing her interests.

Does the professor forgive Dr. Roth?

Dr. Roth uses the flower plant as an excuse to pay the blackmailed professor a visit. He tries to make amends with the professor, but the professor won’t forgive him for blackmailing him. However, the professor ends up taking the flower plant with him.

Is Josy able to forgive Viktor?

We learn that Josy and Mila are going to Amsterdam, as they had planned previously. Dr. Roth offers to drop them off, and thus far, things have gone smoothly. Josy, however, wants to see her father before they go to Amsterdam.

When Josy visits Viktor, the nurses notify her that he’s getting increasingly disconnected. After this, he starts having hallucinations of seeing Josy on the island, as she seems to be walking in front of him. Nonetheless, he gets emotional after seeing Josy, and the episode concludes with Viktor having a hallucination that Josy has entered his childhood home on the island.

The Episode Review

The sixth episode features Dr. Roth helping Viktor Larenz in figuring out what happened to Josy. Both of them have to deal with the repercussions of their actions for the remainder of their days.

The episode ties all of the loose ends, and we finally get answers to the questions. Despite some predictability in the story’s revelations, the plot is well-structured and executed. Moreover, all of the actors, particularly the ones playing the lead roles, give outstanding performances.

The landscapes displayed and the way it was filmed are also key components. This fits in wonderfully with the narrative. The show’s dark undercurrents are reflected in the greyscale colour palette.

Having said that, there is a significant plot hole in this episode. It doesn’t make sense that Wolfgang would buy Viktor the drugs so that he could return to the island and learn the truth about Josy’s disappearance if he was helping Isabell hide Josy. Although it’s not immediately obvious, this is a big plot hole that undermines the credibility of the show.

The show was thrilling and entertaining despite that minor flaw. The storyline, character arcs, cinematography and performances all make this show worth watching.

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