Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy – Season 1 Episode 5 “Returning” Recap & Review


The first few minutes of Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy Episode 5 are set in the past. Viktor is seen dozing off after taking a number of pills. Fortunately, Dr. Roth makes a point of dropping by to see him. He then immediately calls for an ambulance and saves Viktor’s life.

Recent events have resulted in Dr. Roth being fired from the hospital due to his questionable treatment of Viktor. However, he has Ines, his assistant, help him arrange a meeting with Viktor.

When Ines brings Viktor to meet Dr. Roth, he tells him to reflect on what Anna Spiegel represents, given that she’s a figment of his imagination. Then, desperate to learn more about Josy’s disappearance, Viktor begs Roth to put him back into a coma. However, Dr. Roth tells him that it’s too dangerous to do that, and so he refuses.

After learning of Dr. Roth’s firing, Mila pays him a visit at his home. In addition, she is aware of the fact that her father helped Viktor. Following this, Dr. Roth tells Mila that he wanted to get to the bottom of her best friend Josy’s disappearance.

Mila tells Roth that Josy’s nosebleeds, stomachaches, and dizziness only occurred at her house when they spent time together. She proceeds by saying that Josy did fine throughout their trip. This induces suspicions in Roth’s mind.

The next thing you know, Roth is at Josy’s doctor’s office. The two of them then come to the conclusion that it’s a possibility that someone close to Josy was poisoning her.

Viktor uses Bentje’s phone to call his attorney, Wolfgang, from the hospital. Following that, he has him bring him some tablets. He swallows the medicine, falls back into a coma, and returns to his island-themed dreams.

This time, Viktor visits the island, knowing full well that it is all in his head. So he goes into it all, seeking answers to the mystery of Josy’s disappearance.

During this stay on the island, we are transported back to Viktor’s past. We find out that his father’s extramarital affair was with Anna Spiegel. In addition, after Viktor’s mother commits suicide, his father abandons him at a boarding school and runs off with Anna.

While on the island, Viktor confronts Anna about the circumstances surrounding Josy’s disappearance. His mind is tested to its limits in this situation. He then introspects and concludes that he was the one creating hell for Josy at home. Meanwhile, the doctors are attempting to save Viktor, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

In the fifth episode, Viktor Larenz comes back to Parkum for his final showdown with Anna Spiegel. Roth seeks to mend his strained relationship with his child. In the meantime, he gets closer to solving the mystery of Josy’s disappearance.

This is, without a doubt, the finest episode of the series thus far. The plot is quite thrilling right now, and the reveal, while slightly expected, is presented brilliantly.

Furthermore, all of the actors in this episode do an excellent job. In particular, Stephen Kampwirth, Emma Bading, and Trystan Putter stand out in their roles.

It will be intriguing to watch where the show goes from here, given that this was the penultimate episode of the season.

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