Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy – Season 1 Episode 3 “Adrift” Recap & Review


In Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy Episode 3, Viktor returns home with his dead dog, Sinbad. Following that, he digs a grave for Sinbad and places him inside.

Sinbad’s passing completely breaks Viktor. Because of this, he goes to see Anna Spiegel to question her about the hammer she used to kill his dog. When he confronts her, Bentje tells him that Anna didn’t buy the tool from her because she doesn’t sell them. As a consequence, Viktor stops by her shop for a final check. He learns that she is telling the truth.

Following this, Viktor goes to see his next-door neighbor, Halberstaedt. When he goes to see his neighbor, he finds that nobody is there, so he starts looking around. When Viktor discovers that a hammer is missing from his tool container, he immediately blames him for the murder of his dog.

When Halberstaedt gets home, Viktor confronts him about the hammer. However, Halberstaedt shows him the missing hammer from his tool set, which he is carrying with him in his backpack. This causes Viktor to leave in confusion.

Dr. Roth, on the other hand, is still conducting drug tests on rats in his storage facility. The lady in charge of the unit, though, snoops around and finds him storing rats. This is followed by her giving him 24 hours to get rid of the rodents.

In the past timeline, Josy is upset about not being able to go out with Mila. Consequently, when Isabell leaves, Viktor secretly takes her out to an aquarium.

At the aquarium, Josy has an amazing time. However, she ends up fainting, and Viktor rushes her to the hospital. When Isabell visits the hospital, Josy appears to be doing well. However, Isabell gets angry at Viktor for endangering her by taking her out.

When Isabell and Viktor go to see their lawyer, we get another look back in time. If Viktor were to pass away before Josy reached legal age, Wolfgang would be responsible for managing the trust and distributing Josy’s inheritance. The fact that he doesn’t trust Isabell to handle it is upsetting to her.

In the present day, Viktor goes home and appears to have a nervous breakdown. When he gets home, Anna is already waiting for him. When he gets a fever, she helps bring him back to health by seeing to his needs.

After Viktor wakes up, it’s unclear whether he’s hallucinating or whether he has an odd conversation with Anna. Then, shortly after, Halberstaedt appears, presumably in search of Viktor. The moment he sees Anna, he pulls the trigger. The episode ends with Viktor being hit through the glass after it is revealed that he was behind it.

The Episode Review

Viktor Larenz confronts Anna Spiegel in the third episode. This sets off a series of misfortunes that culminate in a tragic outcome. On the other hand, Roth is in trouble because of the personal and professional pressures he is experiencing.

With each new episode, the show grows increasingly eerie and strange. The line between reality and insanity blurs so much by this point, especially towards the end of the episode, that it gets difficult to know if what’s happening is real or just part of Viktor’s hallucination.

The episode concludes on a chilly note, with Halberstaedt shooting Viktor by accident. It’ll be interesting to see the way the tale unfolds moving forward.

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