Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy – Season 1 Episode 2 “Frantic” Recap & Review


Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy Episode 2 opens in the past timeline, with Mila teaching Josy how to kiss. Viktor overhears them but doesn’t tell them what he’s heard. In the midst of this, Josy starts bleeding from the nose, and Viktor immediately comes to her aid.

We also see Mila inviting Josy to a party with her. Josy’s parents wouldn’t let her attend a party, so she makes up an excuse to spend the night at Mila’s house.

A few cops bring Josy and Mila home, telling Viktor and Isabell that they discovered them drunk. Following this, Isabell grounds Josy. When Dr. Roth shows up to pick Mila up, Viktor tells him that his daughter is a bad influence on Josy.

Viktor, in the present day, has a nightmare in which he is driving Josy at an alarming pace. Anna then visits him not long after that. She explains to him that she has to leave because he can’t help her. He now thinks she may have information on Josy’s whereabouts after her disappearance. As a consequence, he promises to treat her, and he begs her to stay for ten minutes.

Viktor, while conversing with Anna, presses her for more details about the girl. Following that, Anna reveals to Viktor that she first encountered the kid in a dark back alley. However the young girl had no interest in returning home since she feared the darkness that lurked there. Viktor thinks the little girl is Josy.

So now Viktor is convinced that Anna opened the door and released Sinbad, his dog. However, Anna claims that she never saw a dog there. At this point, Viktor thinks Anna is playing mind games with him. Later, Anna is spotted leaving.

Dr. Roth, in the meantime, pays a visit to his new patient, Mrs. Seeberger. He switches her to some dubious new medications. Mrs. Seeberger’s initial reaction is mania. Consequently, his boss confronts him. However, ultimately Mrs. Seeberger gets healthier and is able to move freely. She owes her recovery to Dr. Roth’s care. This has led to his supervisor regaining faith in him.

Dr. Roth is then spotted leaving later that day, presumably to obtain more medication. He approaches an odd teenager on the street and asks for some drugs, but the kid ends up knocking him out and stealing his money.

Viktor spends the closing moments of the episode desperately looking for his dog Sinbad. While out, he finds Anna’s toy, which Sindbad had been playing with. He keeps walking in that direction and eventually comes upon a hammer. The episode ends when he continues on and discovers a dead Sinbad.

The Episode Review

In episode 2, Viktor Larenz receives a comrade. He then seeks to figure out more concerning the fascinating Anna Spiegel. The audience is left questioning what a mentally unstable woman wants from Viktor. In the meantime, Roth uses dubious techniques of treatment and comes under more scrutiny from his superiors.

The episode delves deeper into the plot, which grows more chilling as it progresses. In addition, the show does a great job of blending its two timelines into one compelling narrative.

Furthermore, the character arcs in the show are simply excellent. The show’s high level of suspense is due in large part to the compelling primary characters.

The stunning scenery and fantastic cinematography are also noteworthy. The present timeline’s depiction of the natural landscape on the island is breathtaking and deserving of praise.

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