Sea of Stars Guide: “The Vespertine” Walkthrough

Sea of Stars Guide – The Vespertine

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Hortence and the Map


Hortence and the Map

This chapter is another short one and begins immediately with the pirates discussing their next move at a campfire. Serai also has a big secret to reveal… she’s really the Captain of the pirates! Of course, everyone already knew that and there’s some amusing dialogue to boot. 

When we finally end up on The Vespertine, we come face to face with the captain, Hortence. She gives some clues over how to beat Stormcaller, which includes taking down three lightning rods that are powering a magical barrier to her island. However, Hortence needs a map in order to navigate the way, which happens to be in the kitchen down below. In order to reach there, we need to take out the enemies on deck.

From your starting position, climb the net and make your way all the way to the top of the sails. Tightrope over to the other side and do your best Assassin’s Creed impression; dive down to the ground below. There’s no haybale here though unfortunately, but the hard landing doesn’t seem to phase our heroes! 

There are some pirate enemies aboard, but these are pretty simple goons to take out in all honesty. Kill them, and collect 1x Chaudree from the basket next to the net. With the blue flames now cleared, we can progress on.

Don’t go down the main stairwell just yet. Instead, circle back to the front of the ship.

Enter the Captain’s Quarters and collect 1x Hearty Stew from the basket. Walk around the desk and head through the exit to the left. There’s a basket here holding 1x Mooncradle Fish Pie.

Head back to the main hull of the ship and now we can descend the stairwell. There’s more enemies here so be sure to take them out to clear the blue flames. There are three sets in total, and dotted around this area are a few meals too.

Behind the gathering of pirates is a basket holding 1x Hearty Stew. There’s another in the far right room with more enemies, which holds 1x Mooncradle Fish Pie.

With that done and the enemies cleared, head to the far left of this area. There’s a campfire and a save point should you wish to use them. When you’re ready, open the chest next to the tables to the south to reveal 1x Map.

Return the map to Hortence and we’ll be one step closer to fighting The Stormcaller!

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