Sea of Stars Guide: “The Tower of Antsudlo” Walkthrough & All Puzzle Solutions

Sea of Stars Guide – The Tower of Antsudlo

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Route To The Tower

Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor


Route To The Tower

After speaking to the Oracle, we’re now on course to tackle the tower. There’s some lovely puzzles in here, and a neat narrative twist at the end, but we’ll get to that shortly!

For now, from the Oracle’s location head up on the underwater minimap area and interact with “Antsudlo”. Follow the narrow underwater route all the way up as far as you can go. Ignore the ringed gateway (seagate?) for n0w.

Collect the Sapphire Key placed between the statues (pictured above) and return to the gateway. Place the key on the slot to the right, and the ring will activate. These rings basically work as boosts, which blast you through the air to another underwater section. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be in a new area.

Defeat the enemies (or avoid the neon fish by timing your run, your choice) and head north to the next gateway. Blast through and follow the linear pathway around. The next gate will lead you to an open area, where two guards are standing in front of our destination.

These are shrimp knights and they’re particularly annoying and tricky foes as they’ll create watery clones of your characters to fight you. They also have a good chunk of HP too. Garl’s Cooker Surprise and Valere’s Crescent Arc are a good choice here. After taking them out, head to the left of the door and use your Coral Hammer on the bell. A little way to the left, collect up the next Sapphire Key.

The top symbol on the door will now be highlighted. Take the Sapphire key south west to where the next gateway is. Place the key in the control panel just up from the gate and proceed through. There’s a chest here holding 1x Sapphire Ore and further north, another bell you can use your Coral Hammer on.

With both bells rung, the doors will open and we can head inside. Once you do, spin the wheel and the water level will decrease. Proceed into the next room and use the campfire and save point.


Ground Floor

You’ll now find yourself in a large open area. There are two doorways, one to the left and another to the right. Straight ahead is what’s basically an elevator, powered by different pearls. As you may have sussed out by reading this, our task is to make the lift operational again by collecting pearls. It doesn’t matter in which order you do this but we started with the left room.

Left Room

Head through the doorway and spin the wheel in the corridor. This will shift the water levels and let you through to the next area. In this new location, make note of the general set-up and style of puzzle we’re dealing with. Essentially we’ll be raising and lowering the water level to free the pearl and return to the main hub, and there are different variations of this throughout the tower. We’ve laid out the steps below, but there’s also pictures to help with the general room layout below too.

  1. Jump into the water and climb up the ladder. Remove the red pearl
  2. Jump down the gap and pull the lever to open the grates south of this location.
  3. Walk through the newly opened pathway.
  4. Climb the red ladder and place the Pink Pearl in the pedestal slot.
  5. Climb back down the ladder and swim over to the north east and out the water.
  6. Return to the bridge and head over. Defeat the enemies and pull the lever at the bottom of this platform.
  7. The lever will remove the columns on the other side. Climb the ladder on the opposite side and remove the Pink Pearl.
  8. Head back the way you came, back over the bridge and into the main hub area.

Right Room

Turn the wheel in the hallway to lower the water level down and proceed into the next chamber.

  1. Climb the ladder to the very top of the wall so we’re overlooking the whole arena. Go south from here and jump down to the platform with a switch.
  2. Flip the lever and head back up to the top of the wall again.
  3. Collect the yellow pearl and jump down into the water.
  4. Proceed through the newly opened doorway and defeat the two shrimp enemies. Behind them is a basket holding some seafood.
  5. Head back up the ladder and to the main hub area with the elevator.


First Floor

With both rooms completed on the ground level, place both pearls we’ve collected either side of the lift (pictured below) and interact with the red button in the middle.

The water level will now rise up, and you’ll be free to swim out into this new area. There’s also (yep, you guessed it!) two more puzzle rooms here.

Right Room

This area is a little different to the ones we’ve seen so far. There’s no raising and lowering the levels of the room overall, but instead we need to increase the sea level to push the green pearl out. There are three main wheels around this room that we need to spin in order to pump water into the central platform.

To begin with, jump into the water and head all the way to the right. You’ll find a red ladder here. Climb it and spin the wheel at the top.

When you’ve done that, jump down the platform and climb the next small ladder. Spin this next wheel (pictured below).

With both of these pipes now connected, return to the central platform and walk over the bottom pipe. Open the chest, which holds 1x Thalassic Cloak inside. Next, proceed to walk over the top-most pipe. Climb up the platforms by the wall and spin the next wheel.

With all the pipes now connected, the three starfish valves will now be active. You can interact with each, which in turn raises or lowers a small stone wall connected to the central platform. We basically want to keep moving each of these so the red line is exactly equal to the water level of the room (pictured below).

Collect up the green pearl and return to the elevator.

Left Room

After heading through the connecting hallway, we’ll be in a new puzzle room and will have to use our old pal from the Flooded Graveyard level – the raft. Oh, how we’ve missed you! To begin with, jump down on the raft and use your wind power against the fan to your left. This will unlock the way.

Move the raft down and connect it up with the next fan wheel, which is just south and to the right. Use your wind power on this to open the gateway to the left.

Move the raft to the far left of the room and use your wind power on the next fan. Spin the fan and light the way forward. We now want to move the raft all the way up as far north as possible, and then sneak it into a little alcove just left of the first platform we can hop off the raft to.

Once you’ve done that, head up the ladder and flip the switch. Return to the raft and climb up the rock wall platform (pictured above) and grab the Pink Pearl at the top. With the water level now lowered, head over to the switch just beyond the left fan (pictured below) to open the locked gate at the top of the pearl platform. 

Climb back up the rock wall again and open the chest, revealing 1x Phosphorite Lid, a handy weapon for Garl. When that’s done, return to the central area, place the pearl in the middle and interact with the elevator.

Second Floor

With both pearls collected, repeat the same sequence again and place them in the slots within the elevator. Be sure to press the arrow pointing up (on the right hand side) to move onto the next level of this watery puzzle.

There’s only one room up here, so take the ladder on the left and proceed through. Ignore the ladder leading up to a higher platform and head over to the pipe on the far left of the room. Walk inside and let it take you to another area.

When you emerge from the pipe, defeat the enemies on dry land. Just behind them is a red shiny valve. Collect up the Valve and head back through the next pipe, just to the north of this room (pictured below).

You’ll notice we’ve been spat back out to the original area we first went down the pipes from. Climb out the water and place the valve in its allotted slot. You now need to activate the valve, which will replace the pipe in front of you, and open up a new area in the valve room. Jump back down and head in the pipe again.

When you emerge, immediately flip the lever. This will lower the gate underneath your location and allow you to grab a blue pearl.

Upon taking the blue pearl, the water level in the room will lower. Climb back down the ladder and now we can grab the next Valve piece, located just to the right of this area. It’s hard to miss as it’s shining in the water!

Once you’ve got the Valve, replace the Blue pearl so the water level rises back up again and head out the room via the pipe on the far left of the room. In the Valve room, place the second Valve in the adjacent slot to the first, and then interact with the wheel to change the pipes over. Finally, climb back into the pipe again to be transported to a new area.

Climb out the pool of water and flip the switch just ahead of you. This will open up a previously inaccessible area. We now want to jump back in the water again and take out the Blue Pearl and head through the new walkway (pictured below).

Follow the pathway, through the door and the hallway that follows, and we’ll be on the other side of the elevator now. Unroll the ladder and place the blue pearl in the holder.

This will activate a pipe just above you. Climb up the red ladder and enter the pipe. This will take you to a brand new, higher area, and a very important one narratively speaking. Make sure you save the game here!

The Archivist

When you’re ready, interact with the door and head in. Remember all those intervals we’ve been having with a guy called The Archivist? Well, this is where that doorway leads to!

His name is actually Resh’an and he wants to try and change the hands of fate, helping to tip the balance of power ever-so-slightly in our favour. Before that can happen however, he wants us to prove we have what it takes. And that means heading over to the Glacial Peak.

<< Docarria

Glacial Peak >>

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