Sea of Stars Guide: “Torment Peak” Walkthrough & All Puzzle Solutions

Sea of Stars Guide – Torment Peak

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The Front Entrance

Torment Peak

Dweller of Torment

Mossy Cache

Return to Mirth


Resh’an is impressed with your efforts… but not so impressed that we can continue moving forward. In fact, he wants you to accept one final challenge. Come on man! It’s not like you have much of a choice so now we’re tasked with grabbing a Vial of Time.

Use the orb on the left to head back to Lake Docarria. We now want to head north and back out to the world map so we can access the previously inaccessible Torment Peak area.

To get there, head up and interact with the front entrance of Torment Peak


The Front Entrance

Now that we can switch time on the fly with our Celestial Bracelet, go ahead and solve the puzzle here. It’s pretty simple in truth, simply change the time from day to night on both marks so two statues show up.

Push both statues along their respective tracks, using your wind power to push them into the slots by the door. In doing so, this will open up our Torment Peak area.


Torment Peak

It’s worth noting that all of the enemies in this area require a very specific tactic, similar to that of the Elder Mist Trials. We basically want to do standard physical attacks and then mana boost for big damage. All of Zale and Valere’s skills do big damage too, so anything that can recover MP is very handy between fights here.

Progress up the linear pathway here, and you’ll encounter a couple of those aforementioned fights. Take these guys out and continue along, collecting any mushrooms along the way.

When you reach an area to the far north with tiny platforms we can hop over, head up and to the left rather than to the right.

At the end of this platform is a white pedestal, similar again to the ones from the Abandoned Wizard’s Lab. Interact with it and new floating platforms will appear to the right. Keep moving until you come to a fork in the proverbial road. There are two routes to go, one to the north and the other south. Take the north path (1 on the picture below) first.

This linear path will take you into another cave which happens to hold a chest, with 1x Phantom Daggers inside. It’s a handy new weapon for Serai. When that’s done, return to the starting position and descend down the south path (marked 2 on the picture above).

When you reach the end of this area, interact with the circled crystal (pictured above). This will brighten the area slightly and help give hints over where we need to go next. That’s super handy, although this next section is rather linear, even with the lights.

Jump over the platforms and when you reach a large rock area, defeat the two enemies and touch the next crystal.

Continue along the pathway, down the vines and touch the next crystal just to the right and north of this area. Keep moving along the linear pathway, lighting up the crystals, until you reach a large door, which we need to open by interacting with the buttons. There are two pathways here, one to the left and another to the right. The one on the right is pretty simple, simply walk along the pathway and hit the button.

The one on the left requires you to shimmy along the rock wall and climb down some vines to find. There’s also a crystal here that will help light the way.

With both buttons pressed, the way forward will open. There’s a campfire and a save point here, so be sure to rest up! There are several rooms now that require you to hit the crystals to light up and progress forward. The first room is linear, the second is a bit more open with more enemies inside. Make sure you head down the vines first before hopping over the platforms to the south. At the end of the path is a cave. Enter, and open the chest holding 1x Rainbow Conch

Return back up the vines and head south. There’s another couple of enemies to fight after hopping over the platforms, plus a few crystals to light. At the end of this passageway is a cave. Enter. Inside are a bunch of enemies but more importantly, another white button pedestal. Exit out the cave after interacting with this and you’ll notice the way forward, to the south west, is now open.

Hop over the platforms and up the first vine wall all the way to the top to find a chest at the top. This happens to hold 1x Green Leaf. When you’re ready, descend down to the middle platform and move round to the left.

Progress down, hop over the platforms, light the crystals and move into the next room on the far left.

What’s particularly great about Sea of Stars is how it creates an eerie atmosphere but even in these serious, bleak moments, it can add moments of levity that help give a moment’s respite. This is one such moment. There’s a whole bunch of baby monkeys that innocently miss their mum, and their cute quips are both humorous and tinged with melancholy. It’ll also incentivize us to press on and free the matriarch before it’s too late.

Use the save point and cook up anything you may need. When you’re done, move through the passage to the left and across into the room on the right. Here, we’ll find the Matriarch is actually still alive.

After some more scenes, Serai will leave the party and a whirlpool will appear in the middle of the water. Jump in and move along the underwater passage. Jump out the other side and prepare for a big boss fight!


Dweller of Torment

Boss Fight – Dweller of Torment

The Dweller of Torment is a behemoth of a boss and it hits hard and fast, with some nasty attacks and variation in physical attacks too. There are three targets here, the Left Arm, Right Arm and the central husk. We want to focus our attention on both arms. They have a lot of health, at around 2125 each. The idea here is to use boosted mana attacks and big abilities, including Combos, against the Arms to take them both out. 

Before we reach that point, the first part of the fight will see you do 0 damage across the board. Don’t use any skills until Sera returns to the fight. Once she does, we can begin properly with the above strategy of taking out each arm first.

Once you’ve downed both arms, Dweller of Torment will be vulnerable to attacks. Your first port of call is to use Serai’s Disorient. This will delay the number of turns Dweller is downed, and allow for a bit of extra damage. Valere and Serai’s Combo, Moon Shiu, is a great option, while a fully-charged Sunball from Zale is also very effective. 

Serai’s Ultimate Attack, Vespertine Cannons, is a physical damage attack and as such, it’s not much use here unless you want to do damage to all targets.

In terms of attacks, Dweller of Torment has a few that do big damage. Hand Smash is a basic downward smash from his fists, but it’s quite easy to block. Boulder-Toss will see the right arm smash you with a chunk of rock. Ground Launch is another that will see Dweller of Torment smack the ground, launching everyone in the air. Try to press block just before hitting the ground to mitigate damage done by this.

Another big attack is Sonic Pain, which will see the gorilla unleash a scream that will damage the entire party for everyone. However, the big charged attack from Dweller of Torment is Belly Drop, which will see him jump in the air and then slam down, damaging everyone.

Be prepared to fight for a while with this one, as the high HP and tactics will see you doing most of your big attacks on the arms until it’s low on HP. Make sure you have plenty of items like the Mooncradle Fish Pie to heal your party and replenish MP at the same time. Save your big combos for the downed state and you should come out of this in one piece.

One less Dweller in the world    

With the Dweller of Torment gone, a cutscene will ensue back at the Sacred Grove entrance. The Matriarch is back with her babies. Hooray! When you return to the world map, Serai will note that the prism is key to unlocking our next area.

We can also switch the time on the world map too, so be sure to change the sunbeam so it’s nestled next to the trees on the right, which reveals our next destination.


Mossy Cache

Proceed over to the newly opened area and we’ll immediately be faced with a picture puzzle to solve. Like any good jigsaw enthusiast will tell you, the trick is to do the edges first and work your way in. So that’s precisely what we’re going to do here. 

Interact with the yellow control panel and move the orange orb around the 9 different squares. Interacting with each will rotate that piece clockwise. You’ll also notice that each piece has a distinct edge (minus the middle piece) so work your way clockwise (or anticlockwise) and place each block the right way round so the straight edges are facing outwards.

Eventually, your finished picture should look like this:

When you proceed up, be sure to grab the chest on the left, holding 1x Rainbow Conch. Next, climb the newly constructed tower and grab the Vial of Time. Return to Lake Docarria, and back to the Archives once more. There’s a lot of dialogue that follows, and eventually we’ll end with Resh’an joining the party. Our next destination is Mesa Island, located in the top right of the map (pictured below with a star)

Just before we do, it’s a good idea to stop by at Mirth (Settler’s Island on the map). 


Return to Mirth

Return to Mirth and give Jirard the Inn Plans, Shop Plans and Fishing Hut Plans. After, head to the Fishing Hut, where we’ll get some rewards for catching different fish. If you’ve been following the various fishing spots along the way in this game, here’s where the rewards come in. You’ll get reinforced lines to make catching more elusive fish that much easier.

Next, head over to the Headmaster’s House and open the chest, which holds a key item, Moraine’s Office Key. 

With this in hand, enter the office and open the chest inside. This holds a very useful accessory inside, 1x Moonstone Bracer. This will give a +10 magic attack and allow Lunar Shield to cost -2MP as well. So it’s a super useful accessory for Valere to equip.

With all of this done, it’s now time to move on to our destination, Mesa Island.

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