Sea of Stars Guide: “Songshroom Marsh” Walkthrough

Sea of Stars Guide – Songshroom Marsh

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Progressing Through The Marsh


Progressing Through The Marsh

Songshroom Marsh is another fun little area, one that helps us get one step closer to Clockwork Castle, which is a big section. When you first enter the marshes, grab the three sets of peppers from the vines on the route south. There’s nothing to the route north, so for now progress over the wooden walkway.

When you reach another fork in the road, there’s a save point and a camp fire to the north. Use these and then progress all the way down.

As you move to the right, there’s another larger platform here, which holds a couple of enemies. Defeat these and continue on your way. Use your Graplou to pull the platform toward you and progress over the gap.

There’s another couple of enemies here to defeat called Shroomy Shroomy Knights. They’re relatively straightforward to beat but tend to favour physical attacks so bear this in mind with your group set-up.

After defeating these, move north and use your Graplou again to pull the platform toward you. On the other side is a chest holding 1x Leaf Cape.

Progress back over the platform and move all the way to the right, shimmying over the gap and jumping down the ladder. At the bottom, follow the wooden linear platform up until you reach some red mushroom platforms. There’s a couple more enemies to defeat and a Graplou point too. Or at least, there will be when we flip the switch to the right!

Hit the switch and use the grappling hook to move north west. Keep moving along the linear path, hopping over the mushrooms and using the grappling hooks until you reach the other side north and to the right. When you reach the end of this area, use your wind power to push the crate down into the water.

Keep moving to the right and through the doorway into an interior area. There’s another Knight at the top of the stairs. As you approach, it’ll run out the door leading south. Before you follow, open the basket at the top of the stairs behind to reveal 6x Maple Syrup.

In the next room, you’ll be ambushed by some Shroomy Knights so defeat them and then be ready to tackle another little puzzle room.

Use the Graplou and cling to the net. Climb up and open the chest at the back of the room. This holds 3x Obsidian Ore inside. Don’t worry about the switch for now, and instead jump down into the big gap.

In this new area, head to the bottom and hop over the red mushroom platforms. Follow the room round and use your wind power on both wooden crates to knock them in the water. After, press the switch at the back of the room.

This will send the platform adjacent to you up to the previous room and let us flip the switch we saw isolated on the gap we couldn’t reach. Climb back up the net and along the pathway we just jumped down. This time, flip the switch to unlock the door and let us progress through (pictured below).

If you want to collect everything, head back over to the grappling spot and this time, don’t use the grappling hook but jump down normally. This will see you on an isolated mushroom platform. Open the chest to reveal 1x Spirit of Ninja.

Head through the doorway and out into the next open area. Here, we’ll be introduced to a neat little mechanic, where changing the time can help open the way forward. In this instance, changing the time to night and opening up blue mushrooms to bounce on.

After bouncing over a few of these mushrooms, you’ll reach a much larger area again, looping round to another Celestial crystal. Defeat the enemy en-route and head down to the crystal. There’s more mushrooms just below this but with a slightly different mechanic.

This time around, change the time to day and they’ll open up to reveal platforms we can jump over. However, we need to highlight each platform as we step on them, and then highlight the next so our platform lowers and we can hop onto the next.

Switch from day to night for the next mushroom and continue on the path south. There’s another linear pathway here, broken up in the middle with a circular arena full of enemies. When you’re back on the wooden platforms again, head to the end of the route and press the switch.

Head back down the path and take the root north, just above the grappling point. Use your Graplou to hold the ladder and scramble up. We can now move to the right.

Ignore the locked doorway for now and instead head north, where we’ll come to a strange house standing by its lonesome. This is Yomara’s house, and she happens to be the sister of Romaya. More importantly, she’ll hand you the key item, Yomara’s Key, which will open the locked door we passed before. 

She’s also got a save point and campfire in her house, along with some gear to sell as well. After you’ve done everything here, head out the house and shuffle around the back of the house via the left exit to grab a chest holding 1x Rainbow Conch (pictured below).

There’s a fair amount of crops we can harvest here too before we’re back on our way. Proceed out of Yomara’s place and use her key on the locked door to the south. Along the linear path, open up the chest holding Question Pack #5 and move south. Change the time of day to night so we can step on the flower platform, then rotate back to day again to be elevated up.

Jump the gap and head north, climbing the little vine wall to the higher platforms. On the way, unroll the ladder and head down. 

As you climb up the platforms, take a slight detour into the cave mouth (pictured above). Inside is a short climb up some vines, and a chest that holds 1x Shroomy Shivs.

When you’re done, head back outside again, and keep climbing. Unroll the ladder, climb down and move to the right. When you tightrope over a beam, stop midway and change the time to the middle of day. This will raise a platform and allow us to hop over into another cave.

Now, if you want to continue to the other side of the beam, you can do so, as there’s some enemies and at the back is another scroll, this one for Garl and Resh’an, who learn Venom Bomb.

After passing through the cave from the tightrope beam, there’s a couple of linear areas before we reach a massive cave. Head up the stairs and use your grappling hook to startle the Shroomy Knights in training. After defeating the enemies, press both levers (on the left and on the right at the back of the room) to allow us to travel back if we wish. 

There’s not much else here in truth, so proceed through the right exit and keep going until you reach a save point. After, we’ll be back on the world map again.

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