Sea of Stars Guide: “Town of Lucent / Cursed Woods” Walkthrough

Sea of Stars Guide – Town of Lucent / Cursed Woods

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The Docks

Town of Lucent

Cursed Woods

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The Docks

We’re now onto a new island and we also get a touch of spooky scenery too! The next couple of areas are quite short, so just like earlier in the walkthrough, we’ll combine them together here.

After a brief cutscene, which sees us travelling on our boat to Lucent, we’ll also see that the Vespertine has appeared in the middle of the ocean too.

Once you make land, there’s a save point and campfire just to your south. Back on the main pathway, keep moving right and you’ll notice some new enemies. There’s the Woodland Spirit and the Lonzon. The former works as a healing mage that will charge up attacks and use Group Heal on every enemy in battle. They also use charged magic against you but beyond that, they’re not too much of an issue to take out.

Lonzon are much more annoying though. They use a move called Chomp Chomp, which sees them bellyflop in front of you. Not only do they do a fair chunk of damage, they’ll also recover half of the amount dealt to you. Not good!  

When you pass these enemies, cross over the log pathway but jump down into the mist, where you’ll find a mushroom patch  and to the right a chest holding 1x Rainbow Conch.

Just nearby to this area is a cave with a chest. After defeating the 3 enemies inside, open the chest to reveal 1x Calcite Lid, a handy weapon that Garl can use.

After another couple of enemies we’ll be back on the world map again. Head along the the linear pathway and enter Lucent.


Town of Lucent

Feel free to explore the Town of Lucent, but be sure to enter the house on the left and talk to the woman inside. 

When you try to interact with the chest, the Painting will take it away, informing us that amends need to be made with his brother. To do this, visit the house to the north

Talk to the painting inside and he’ll mention eating his brother’s Berry Jam. If you don’t have any on you, leave town, set up camp and cook up some Berry Jam. Head back into the original house on the left and give the Berry Jam to the painting, which will allow us to open the chest and reveal 1x Rainbow Conch.

In the general store just north of the painting house, there’s some new gear to grab, including much stronger weapons and a handy Relic called Gold Tooth. It costs 225 Gold but it basically gives a price reduction in every shop from now on.

When you’re done with that, head into the inn and rest up for a few days.

A brief cutscene will then ensue, showing someone being possessed and heading deeper into the woods beyond. Naturally, we’ll be heading out to help them and the Captain will be joining us too! Be sure to check out the Wheels player in the bottom left of the inn if you fancy some downtime, but otherwise head out the inn, turn right and run over the bridge. On the world map, head up and prepare for the Cursed Woods!


Cursed Woods

From your starting position, keep moving north and take out the enemies that show up. There’s a new enemy type called Arentee here, which likes to ram at you by sliding across the ground, along with a couple of projectile moves. Whenever Woodland Spirits show up in these battles though, it’s a good idea to target them first. Their Group Heal can be a real pain and when there’s multiple instances of the same enemy, it can drag out battles unnecessarily.

With that in mind, defeat the enemies and head over the fallen log. On the other side is a save point and beyond, a whole bunch of thick thorns that are blocking the way forward. 

For now, progress along the path to the left. When you reach a large opening, be sure to collect some potatoes to the south, and then interact with the thorny plant in front of you.

This will start a new fight with a special enemy called Boulbe with some Woodland Spirits joining in. As they’re grouped together, use your Sunball attack and Moonerang to get this fight done quickly. Upon completion, that earlier bramble blockage will be cleared and we’re able to progress forward. Head back down the path and north, through the newly cleared path.

There’s a long, linear pathway here, that eventually leads to an open area with another thorny gate. To reach this, defeat the enemies and loop back around and head south down the other side (pictured below).

Cross the fallen log and the pathway will snake back up again to reveal another Boulbe enemy, flanked by a Lonzon and Woodland Spirit. It’s a good idea to use Garl’s Hurl ability here to try and group the enemies up and follow it up with Zale’s Sunball ability to speed things up!

Once that’s done, jump down the gap to the left and keep moving north. Follow the next long pathway up, being sure to hop over to the right and collect some mushroom for good measure. The next little open area features more enemies so dispatch these and keep moving up. When you come to log platforms you can hop over, it’s a good idea to save and rest up. 

There’s another set of brambles blocking our path, so we need to clear them out before we go anywhere. There are two pathways and it’s your choice which one you do first. We went left.

After a long, linear pathway, clear out the Boulbe that’s there alongside a couple of Lonzon enemies and an Arentee. This is a good opportunity to use Sunball and Crescent Arc, given how close together these enemies are.

Once you’ve defeated the enemies, keep moving to the north of this platform and open the chest, revealing 1x Obsidian Ore. Jump down the gap on the right, just behind where we faced the Boulbe and keep moving forward until you reach a shrine.

Inside this shrine happens to be a Shimmering Shard which helps to increase damage to undead enemies by 15%. 

Head back across the fallen log and take the path on the right. There’s another Boulbe enemy here flanked by Woodland Spirits and a Lonzon. Take them out and be sure to open the chest just north of here, which holds 1x Bone Armor.


Back to Lucent

With the path now clear, return to the previously inaccessible brambles and into the next area. As you head up the stairs, another cutscene will ensue. This will see Garl incapacitated and a brand new companion joining us from now on. We learn her name later on in the game, but for now she’s simply called “Mysterious Assassin”.

In order to save Garl’s life, we need a Soul Stone so hurry back to Lucent, taking the path down and defeating any enemies along the way.

Once you take control of Valere or Zale again, gather any supplies you need from the merchant in town before leaving from the exit on the right.

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Flooded Graveyard >>

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  1. In the docks area near the rainbow conch is a cave with a chest. You need to beat 3 enemies and you will get a calcite lid for Garl

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