Sea of Stars Guide: “Haunted Mansion” Walkthrough & All Puzzle Solutions

Sea of Stars Guide – Haunted Mansion

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Clearing The Mansion Of Ghosts

Botanical Horror

Dweller of Woe


The Haunted Mansion is an incredibly important chapter for Sea of Stars’ narrative, for reasons we won’t reveal in this walkthrough. For now though, be ready for one of the best areas of the game (in this humble reviewer’s opinion!)

We begin outside the gates with the Headmaster. With everyone gathered together, and Garl now fully healed, he breaks down the barrier and briefs the team on what to do next inside the mansion.

Our target is the Botanical Horror, with the path starting to our right. Once you gain control of your character again, head up the stairs to follow the Heasmaster and interact with the candle on the right. This will light them both up and open the painting. This secret path leads around to reveal a chest holding 1x Obsidian Ingot.

Follow the path to the right and Serai will re-join the party. In the next room is a save point. Be sure to use it. Any time we’re in battle now, you can swap out one of the players and bring in the inactive party member. This is a neat little addition that mixes up combat slightly and adds more interactivity and strategy to breaking locks and defeating certain enemies.

The mansion has a unique pattern of play that will see you battling enemies in almost every room, so switching between players is a great addition. In this room, destroy the two books and the mist will clear, revealing a strange fellow just next to the save point. Talk to him and he’ll transform the fireplace into a campfire that you can return to and rest, replenishing your HP and MP without needing to use items.


Clearing The Mansion Of Ghosts

In the next room, you’ll have a few more enemies to contend with. These are Waltzers, and they’re vulnerable to Moon damage. Moonerang and Crescent Arc are great choices. After defeating these guys, a new ghost will show and encourage you to check the torch to the left of the fireplace. 

Interact with the lever to reveal a secret passage. Enter through here and you’ll be back in the main hallway again. This time, we’re to the left of the Headmaster. Press the switch and unroll the ladder. Head in the newly created doorway just behind this.

After a simple hallway, we’ll be in a banquet hall with more enemies. Take these out and be sure to open the chest to the far right of this room. Inside happens to be Recipe: Mooncradle Fish Pie.

Collect the food on the table and talk to the ghost girl. She wants you to make her a sandwich and in exchange, she’ll open the door for us. It’s not just any sandwich though, it’s a ghost-wich! She’ll also open a door to the left, revealing the kitchen. It’s worth noting here that the Rainbow Conch chest can’t be obtained until later in the chapter, so ignore that for now.

In the next room are a number of shiny items dotted around and a recipe book. The recipe states that the master sandwich requires:

  • 2 parts Hepar
  • 4 parts Dust
  • 3 parts Sugar
  • 1 part Rust
  • 2 Slices of Dreadbread

With that in mind, interact with the different items around the room and make the sandwich. If you get stuck, check in with Garl who will let you know what ingredients you still need to collect.

With the sandwich made, head back out the doorway and talk to the ghost girl again. She’ll open the door behind her and send you on your way.

Progress through the next hallway and into the library. There are two sets of enemies here, so take both pairs out. In doing so, two ghosts will spawn. Ignore them both for now, but do make note of the crown that’s just shown up on the balcony. You want to grab the crown and head back down again. Also make note (in the second picture below) of Question Pack #3 which is shining in the bookshelf.

When you’re ready head over to the other side of the room. You can do this via the balconies if you wish, using your Graplou and unrolling the ladder, or heading over from the ground floor. Either way, remove the Knight’s Helm and replace it with the Crown. Return to the left suit of armor and place the Knight’s Helm there.

A new painting will reveal itself above the fireplace, with different helm pieces in a row. On the bookshelves on either side are four new heads that we can switch out to match each picture. Both solutions have been added as well below to help!

A new passageway will open just behind the crown-wearing statue. Before we exit the room though, head back to the fireplace and pick up the scroll. This contains a new combo skill for Zale and Serai, called X-Strike.

Progress through the new passageway and along the linear route, which will see you cross a few platforms, scale a rock wall and use your Graplou to cross over to a new area. Be sure to drop down and open the chest en-route to the other side, which holds 1x Spectral Cape.

On the other side of this hallway, head back out and immediately progress south. There are a bunch of rocks blocking the way but if you use your wind powers, you’ll create a new opening, leading back to the save point and rest point in the mansion.

Be sure to save here, before heading back through the newly created passage and all the way to the other end o the hallway. Enter the next room and dispatch the Waltzer enemies. A new Ghost Lady will appear but in truth, she only has ominous warnings to reveal. Take the path to the left, progress through the next hallway and you’ll find yourself back outside again. More importantly, we’re one step closer to the Botanical Horror.

Instead of taking the path north and deeper into the gardens, head to the far left and interact with the unlit torch. Flames will suddenly protrude out and a new passageway will open. This leads back to the kitchen area and the previously inaccessible chest holding 1x Rainbow Conch!

Head into the “maze” and you’ll find one path heading out to where a few Boulbe are kicking about, blocking our path forward with more brambles. From the starting point, progress past the hedges forming a rectangle in the center of the area and turn right. Head down a little and keep moving right. There are a few different pathways that branch out to collect different ingredients if you wish, but the route below is the correct way.

At the end of the pathway, defeat the Boulbe and the two Woodland Spirits to partially clear the Brambles. Move forward and head over to the other side of the maze, taking the path to the far left and then up (pictured below).

Destroy the Boulbe and the two Lonzon enemies and a save point and a campfire will pop up. Rest up, cook some grub and prepare yourself because things are about to get crazy!

When you’re ready, progress through into the greenhouse which has now been cleared.

Botanical Horror

Boss Fight – Botanical Horror


The Botanical Horror is a simple enough boss but it’s got a great design and several different moving parts. There are four limbs that do varying degrees of damage, and the main husk of the horror itself. 

The two top flowers use Charged projectile attacks called Quillshot, while the bottom two are more physical based, ploughing into the ground and striking up from the bottom, aptly named Ground Flower.

Each of these limbs can be taken out in any order, but given the bottom two limbs have faster charges, it’s advisable to target those first. The top flowers have 105 HP, while the bottom ones have 88HP.

Take out the bottom ones first and when they’re low on HP, save your MP. We’ll need it. 

Once you’ve taken out the bottom two limbs, focus on the top two and try to break the locks if you can to delay the attacks. It’s here you want to just use physical attacks, and don’t use mana boosts either. With all four limbs down, the botanical horror will be vulnerable and that’s where we can do our big damage moves.

Moonerang with full mana boosting is a great choice here, especially if your reflexes are sharp. You can do some serious damage with that. It’s also a good idea to switch over to Serai and use Disorient, which will delay how long Botantical Horror will return back with its four limbs. When this countdown reaches 0, he’ll recover health on his limbs and the original fight will return

Using the above method repeatedly should allow you to beat Botanical Horror in a pretty quick time.

2240 Experience Points    


With the Horror defeated, head back out the greenhouse and Serai will hurry off, revealing that the Dweller is nigh. Head back to the save point on your left and rest up. Before following Serai, head into the newly opened doorway to your left and open the chest. Inside is Music Sheet #2. 

When you’re ready, return to the main entrance of the haunted mansion. A cutscene will ensue, leading straight into the next boss fight.

Dweller of Woe

Boss Fight – Dweller of Woe

Phase 1

It’s all come down to this and the final fight is upon us. We don’t have to contend with the Dweller alone though, we’ve got Brugraves and Erlina with us. We can’t control them, but they do have some pretty good attacks that they’ll use.

This boss fight plays out partially as a story boss, with a few interjections breaking up different phases for the big fight. When this starts, you’ll be controlling the Headmaster and can choose between Healing the party or Holding the Rune. By holding, you essentially increase damage dealt exponentially. Given we have characters that can heal, especially with Combo: Mending Light, its worth Focusing every time this pops up.

The Dweller has a few different skills here, including created cloned copies of itself. It also uses Soul Spikes, which will hurt every member of the party for a small amount of damage.

When you’ve dealt enough damage, the Headmaster will tell the group they need more light. And it’s up to Garl to help them out.

Phase 2

Now controlling Garl, head out the main chamber and climb up the ladder. There’s a few different parts we can interact with, but it’s a small area and the various sections are shimmering so keep interacting with these different areas in turn. More importantly, at the end of this section, Garl will learn a new combat skill called Cooker Surprise.

With more light on the Dweller, it’ll transform into a much more monstrous form. This one does far more damage, with a new array of attacks too. There’s Pain, which deals damage to everyone in the party. Spectral Scythes is a nasty attack that hits three times in a row and once more hits every party member. Finally, Possession is a unique attack that sees it control one of your party and use it against you, including the abilities they possess.

You want to use as many big MP attacks as possible, and if you can, try to break many locks to reduce down the damage percentage that the Dweller will do against you.

The Combo: Mending Light is a big help here too, while using items that heal both MP and HP to the whole party is massively helpful as it’ll also heal Erlina and Brugraves and let them use big attacks faster.

This one may go on for a whole, but if you keep healing and using the above tactics, it should help and eventually take this monstrous foe down.

One long, tasty cutscene Some big plot twists  

With the Dweller of Woe down, Sea of Stars plays its trump card, with some excellent plot twists and a solid number of dialogue scenes. This continues back at Lucent too, where the Headmaster is recovering. Eventually, he’ll tell you to head back to Brisk. Inside the inn, go and speak to the pirates in the corner, and they’ll agree to take you back.

<< Necromancer’s Lair

Cataclysm at Brisk >>

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