Sea of Stars Guide: “Flooded Graveyard / Necromancer’s Lair” Walkthrough

Sea of Stars Guide – Flooded Graveyard / Necromancer’s Lair

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Flooded Graveyard

Necromancer’s Lair

Graplou & The Right Skull

The Left Skull



Flooded Graveyard

From the world map outside Lucent, take the path to the south and enter Ferryman’s Vigil. Serai will help you gain passage over, reluctantly using the Coin of Undeath Accord to gain passage.

Once you make land, hop over to the save point and either take out the three Lonzon enemies patrolling in the middle, or skip them completely, it’s your choice. Just to the south of their location is a grassy platform that leads off to a slightly hidden alcove. There are a couple of onions here you can grab if you wish.

South west of this location, hop over the platforms and enter the ominous mansion emanating green light from its entrance.

Inside are a few enemies so be sure to take these guys out. Upon doing so, climb up the rock wall at the back of the room and climb the wall to the roof. At the top, open the chest for 1x Obsidian Ore.

Jump down the gap and you’ll land on the adjacent platform, tightrope over the beams at the top to find Recipe: Hearty Stew.

Head back outside this mansion again and move north, hugging the left-most wall. Defeat the enemies in this new area and you’ll see a Solstice Warrior room. Go inside to find a climbing area with a chest, which nets you 1x Shimmering Daggers.

Now, go back into the mansion again once more and climb to the top of the roof. Instead of circling around to jump back down again, head north east. 

Follow the torches up along the different platforms until you find a stony pathway. Keep following the stone path until you find a skull torch. You want to jump over and straight onto the raft in the water.

Climb up and use the save point and campfire. When you’re ready, hop back aboard the raft. We can actually use our wind power here to move the raft around and climb previously inaccessible areas, which is a massive bonus!

You’ll want to move the raft around to the left of this save point and further north, so it nestles in a little watery alcove.

Head right on this platform when it’s in the gap and prepare for a mini-boss fight. You can choose to go left, but there’s not much here in truth, beyond a mushroom patch and a Mausoleum which has a cage we can’t access until later on in the game.

Stand outside the Necromancer’s Lair and watch the cutscene.

Mini Boss Fight – Duke Aventry

Duke Aventry isn’t too difficult a customer, but he does have some standard physical attacks that can do a good chunk of damage. He also uses a charged spinning attack too, which he enacts while wielding his oversized staff.

It’s worth noting that Aventry’s charged spinning attack can be negated slightly by using Serai’s Disorient ability. This delays the number of turns before your foe can attack. Given some of Aventry’s locks include four or five symbols before this charged attack, it’s a great opportunity to tip the balance of power in your favour.

However, if you can’t quite time it, Valere’s Lunar Shield is a good choice to negate any damage. Keep using your big moves, with Valere’s Moonerang, combined with mana boosting physical attacks, a great choice here.

Keep an eye on your health too and heal accordingly; eventually he’ll go down.

Zale Ability – Dash Strike    


Necromancer’s Lair

With the Duke defeated, he’ll allow you to progress on into the next area. Before you do though, jump down into the water and circle around to pick up a hidden chest, which happens to hold 1x Rainbow Conch inside.

With this obtained, head inside the Necromancer’s Lair. There’s a chest immediately in front which holds 1x Romaya’s Hairpin. There’s also some new enemies here too, so be sure to dispatch these before proceeding deeper into the lair.

Follow the linear pathway up in the next room and hop onto the platform with a switch.

Flip the switch, hop off the platform and into the next area. When you do, a short cutscene will ensue as three spooky floating skulls will shoot off from the wall and disappear. There’s one to the left, one to the right and one that places itself conveniently right in front of you. This skull transforms into a fearsome skeleton warrior called Revenant. The moves it uses are predominantly physical based but it is vulnerable to Serai’s Phase Shiv, so use this to your advantage. 

Once it’s downed, interact with the green skull and it’ll return to the wall. You now want to leave this main chamber via the door on the right.


Graplou & The Right Skull

In this next area, proceed forward along the linear pathway, tightroping over the beams until you find a large arena with a switch just to the north east. 

Dispatch the enemies and flip the switch. This will move the platforms around. Jump to the platform to the north and flip the switch on this one to be taken to the other side. Follow the path down and climb up the bone ladder. There’s a chest at the back of this area holding 1x Spectral Cape. Be sure to unroll the ladder just to the left of this to make life easier for ourselves!

Climb back down the original bone ladder and hop onto the platform south. Instead of turning right, to the south west is a chest holding 1x Obsidian Ore.

When you’re done, move into the next area and follow the pathway around, jumping down between the two green torches. Dispatch the enemies and then climb the bone ladder. From here, jump down the platform to the north east and keep moving up, into the next room.

Inside this small room is a large chest, holding another power-up we’re going to be using a lot from here on out. It’s a Graplou! Remember all these strange wooden logs sticking out the ground or in seemingly inaccessible places? Well, we can basically use this as a grappling hook to reach previously inaccessible areas. Bonus!

When you leave, there’s a brief little tutorial section for leaving this room, introducing you to the Graplou mechanics. We won’t write all that here, as it’s very linear. Back in the previous room with the switch platforms, climb the bone ladder again, but this time, stop just east of where we opened the chest. 

You’ll notice a few enemies patrolling the area here. What we want to do is use the Graplou to cling on and leapfrog over to this area. Defeat the enemies and you’ll find a chest holding 1x Rainbow Conch in the corner. Flip the switch just to the left of this and use the Graplou to head back over to our original starting position. Follow the path around and head down the ladder we unrolled earlier on. You now want to use the Graplou to reach a chamber on the other side of this gap.

Defeat the enemies inside, including the Revenant and interact with the glowing skull just like before. When you’ve done this, return to the central area once more.


The Left Skull

Now take the path to the left. In the next room, dispatch the enemies and keep heading north. You’ll find a bunch of tombs you can climb up to reach the next area.

When you move into the next room, open the chest that holds 1x Osseous Staff. Use the Graplou to follow the path to the right. After using the Graplou leading north, open the basket which holds 1x Mooncradle Fish Pie. This is a very useful dish that can recover both HP and MP.

Use your Graplou on the wizard enemy north of this location and defeat it before progressing on. We now want to use the Graplou on the floating platform and then hit the one on the top left. From here, circle around and flip the switch.

This will move the platform further along and allow us to progress. Use the Graplou again to jump on the floating platform and again to the left.

Defeat the enemies and flip the switch so the platform moves down. Grapple south from this location and follow the linear pathway around. There will be a choice of two switches here, one to the north and one over the tightrope on the other side. Immediately tightrope over the gap and flip that switch before the other (pictured below).

Use the Graplou to move onto the floating platform next and further down into the next big area. There are four enemies so be sure to take them out. There’s one final switch to the far left of this location, just next to where we grappled originally.

Head down and back into the original area whence we came. You’ll notice that the floating platform has now followed us out here. Use the floating platform to reach a new, previously inaccessible area.

Defeat the enemies and follow the linear pathway all the way into another new room.

There’s a long walk here, all the way round the perimeter of the room until you come across a wizard patrolling the area infront of you. Use the Graplou to get the jump on him, defeat the enemy and flip the switch.

A platform will slide over so jump on that and grapple to the area on the right. Flip the switch and head up the bone ladder. Circle around and grapple back onto the platform again. As it’s now higher, we can immediately grapple left once more and flip the switch. Naturally, we need to defeat the enemies there first. This will then complete the bone ladder that was missing parts. Climb and flip the next switch.

Jump back on the platform, head diagonally down onto the next platform and finally hit the last switch in this area, which will cause the floating platform to return to the room we just came from. Phew.

Thankfully this isn’t too far away from our starting position, so head back through the linear pathway and up the stairwell. Grapple over and you’ll have the final Revenant to face. Take him out, interact with the glowing skull and you’ll be able to head back to the main area again.

Just before you do though, there’s a chest outside at the top right of the bone pile. The entrance to this is located to the bottom right of bone pile. Go right then down then right again, eventually heading up and to the left. In doing so, you’ll find a chest which happens to hold 1x Revenant Armor.

With the way cleared and a new room to explore, it’s now time for a big boss fight!



Boss Fight – Romaya

Romaya is a pretty powerful mage and she has some tricky spells up her sleeves. Next to her will be a flesh pile and a Bone Pile. Make note of these as that’s where we need to target most of our efforts. Being a necromancer, Romaya will charge up moves that will raise both a Revenant and either a Gulgul or a Lonzon. The latter attack faster, while the Revenant hits harder, so it’s your choice which to target first.

Romaya is no pushover though, and she’ll throw projectiles at you in the form of an Eyeball Throw. This is quite easy to dodge though. Alongside this, she’ll also use Necromancy: Bone Pile and Necromancy: Flesh Pile on occasion, raising more enemies to hit the arena and try to take you out.

The general idea here is to take out both piles and then focus your attention on Romaya. However, Romaya does have a powerful charged attack, highlighted by using various locks that need to be broken. This is Felfire Rain and it will do a good deal of damage to the full party. Again, Serai’s Disorient works a charm here. It takes Romaya 4 turns to charge up so with Disorient, there’s plenty of time to break the 10 locks she’ll have every time before enacting this move.

Furthermore, area attacks like Sunball, Crescent Arc and Moonerang are great choices. Anything that will do a lot of damage to multiple targets is the key here. Personally, we targeted the flesh pile first so we could get more attacks in without being pestered by Gulgul and Lonzons, but it’s your choice.

Once one is down, the other pile is quite simple to take out. A good idea is to ignore the enemies that are spawned and just focus on the piles, ideally using those aforementioned area attacks to take them down.

You should also save up your Combo too to enact Mending Light, which is incredibly useful in this fight, alongside Zale’s newly learned Dash Strike too. Eventually, Romaya will go down.


1680 Experience Points 1x Soul Stone 1x Green Flame 

Once you’ve defeated Romaya, she’ll reluctantly hand over what you need and send you on your way. From the entrance to the Necromancer’s Lair, take a right and follow the Graplou hooks back to the starting area. However, you’ll want to take a slight detour and head north west from here for a hidden chest.

Follow the grapple points over and head inside the cave at the end of the pathway. Use the grapple on both the left and right walls holding grey chains to see a chest rise in the back of the room holding 1x Enchanted Scarf.

Finally, return to the Ferryman and watch the cutscenes that follow to finish this mammoth chapter.

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  1. Just a heads up, on third revenant there’s a chest outside top right of bone pile. The invisible entrance to chest is bottom right of bone pile. Go right then down then right, then up and to the left. Chest gives Revenant Armor.

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