Sea of Stars Guide: “Docarria” Walkthrough

Sea of Stars Guide – Docarria

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Lake Docarria

The Sacred Grove

Docarria Village


Lake Docarria

The next section of Sea of Stars combines three sections into one because they’re all pretty short and requires a bit of backtracking too. This will then lead into a much larger puzzle dungeon so be ready for that one! Our first point of call is Lake Docarria. Climb the vines and look out at the large lake before you. Swim to the north west.

A brief cutscene will show where we need to go, so just head in that general direction. Interact with the bell by using your Coral Hammer.

A platform will raise next to you so climb up and head inside the makeshift seashell house. Inside is a Temple Servant. Speak to the guy and Garl will have a hard time picking out a seashell, as part of a ritual we need to conduct.

With this in our possession, the way forward will open so progress through the door outside and to the right of the house.


The Sacred Grove

On the other side of the lake, ignore the path leading straight up to Torment Peak; we can’t access that right now. Instead, head left and enter Sacred Grove.

When you enter Sacred Grove, use the campfire and save point on the left. When you’re ready, proceed to the right. Climb up the walls and over the stone staircase to the other side. Defeat the enemies at the top of the next wall and hop over the grass platforms.

Approach the platform ahead and use your Graplou to open it up. Climb up and you’ll be faced with a Celestial Stone puzzle… and a few enemies. Defeat the goons and then tackle the puzzle.

Rotate the beam to the north first and hurriedly jump on the platform. There’s another enemy at the top but after this, you’ll be able to pick up a scroll, which happens to hold a new combo skill, Moon Shiv. Back at the main puzzle, rotate the beam so it hits the bottom right diamond first. These two beams raise two stone platforms to your left. We’ve marked which diamond raises which platform below:

Hop over and use your Graplou again on the next two platforms. When you reach the waterfall en-route, there’s a chest holding 1x Rainbow Conch inside so feel free to collect that.

Climb up to the next area and follow the stone pathway to the left. There’s a chest at the end of this winding path that holds 1x Sapphire Ore. Jump over the pathway to the right and interact with the fountain. After placing the Seashell there, a whirlpool will open up and you’ll be given a new power, allowing you to journey through underwater walkways.
Jump in the water and interact with the whirlpool. Proceed through the linear passage and out to the other side. We’ll now be back at the start of the Grove. Head out of the Grove, back to the world map, and return to Lake Docarria.

Docarria Village

When you return to Docarria, a new whirlpool will open up in the middle of the lake. Jump in the water and interact with it. We’ll descend a fair distance and then find ourselves in Docarria Village.

There’s a few different areas to explore here, including the merchant on the left of the village. Inside, you can buy a new recipe, Bouillabaisse. This is a very useful meal and it’s highly recommended to grab this one. There’s also a weapon merchant here too with some decent gear.

Behind the merchant is a seashell wall we can climb up. Do that and interact with the northern-most whirlpool and up into a new area. Climb the wall and open the chest at the top, which holds 1x Old Coral Vase. Head outside and open the chest, which holds 1x Rainbow Conch.

There’s a few other houses here that house various NPCs, including one which happens to hold a grandpa. Talking to him, he’ll mention how his children are currently playing hide-and-seek. If you head around and find them all, he’ll hand over 1x Rainbow Conch. His location is just south of the Rainbow Conch Vendor to the right of the village.

When you’re ready, head into the Elder’s house, the one with two hourglasses outside.

There’s a pretty lengthy bit of dialogue here, as we’re introduced to the Oracle of Tides and he’ll do what oracles do best; give you your prophecies wrapped up in a bunch of riddles. Cheers mate. However, he will tell you where you need to go next, and that’s The Tower of Antsudlo.

When the Elder moves out the way, he’ll allow you to progress beyond into the passage leading to the tower.

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The Tower of Antsudlo >>

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  1. South of the rainbow conch vendor is a grandpa who wants you to go into all of the houses to find his children that are playing hide-and-seek. He’ll give you another conch

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