Sea of Stars Guide: “Autumn Hills” Walkthrough

Sea of Stars Guide – Autumn Hills

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Mesa Hike

Autumn Hills

Leaf Monster

Bamboo Creek


Mesa Hike

When you arrive at Mesa Island, our first port of call is Mesa Hike. Head there and watch the amusing dialogue before progressing on our way. The barriers formed around the island will now be lifted, and we’ll be free to progress foreword. Climb the rock wall and return to the world map. Move forward a little and enter Autumn Hills.


Autumn Hills

Use the save point and progress to the right. Don’t climb up the logs just yet, instead move forward and collect 4x Honey in front of the tree logs and 3x Berries from the bush just south of this location.

When you’re ready, grapple over and descend down the ladder. At the end of this pathway is a chest holding 1x Oaken Armor. Head back up the ladder and this time tackle the wooden structures. 

Tightrope over the gap and continue along the linear pathway. There’s a couple more enemies here, so take them out (or run past) and climb up the first log. We now want to use our Graplou to spring over the gap to the other side. Do this twice and jump the gap.

Next, climb down the ladder and keep moving to the right. There’s a Celestial Puzzle here that we can solve.

First up, we need to use our wind power to blow the leaves out the way. In doing so, we can then change the time to day and night, illuminating the symbols that we need. in doing so, this will unlock a new Combo skill for Valere and Resh’an, Arcane Moons.

The bottom two symbols however, need to be turned on one at a time in order to reveal a switch. Flip the switch and a platform will slide over. Jump on the platform and hit the lever.

Ignore the switch on the other side (this just moves the platform back) and enter the doorway after dispatching the enemies. There’s a merchant here that holds some good gear, so be sure to snap up the Ornate Bo for Valere and another Oaken Armor 0r two certainly won’t hurt! There’s also Music Sheet #4 here as well.

When you’re ready, climb up the rock wall and out to the exit on the south east.

In the next area, climb up onto the platform and use your Graplou to leapfrog to the next log. Next, head south east diagonally and unroll the ladder on this platform.

We now want to jump down and move the Graplou cube around to progress forward. First, push it to the far south (marked 1 on the picture below) and then to the far right (marked 2 on the picture below).

  1. Grapple over to this platform and open the chest. Inside is 1x Maple Cork.
  2. Move the block back to the marked area on the far right and grapple over after climbing the platform.


The next area is another that’s slightly deceptive in terms of perspective. This should be quite an easy area to navigate through but the area marked with an X on the picture below, does not require you to jump over. You need to use your Graplou here as there’s a gap between the two areas.

At the top of this rock wall, take a left to collect 1x Rainbow Conch in a chest, just chilling by some red leaves.

Next, tightrope over the gap and jump down when you reach the end of the wooden platform. Enter the cave on the far right and in this next area, keep moving through until you reach a whirlpool, taking out any enemies that show along the way. 

This is another linear pathway, and along the way you’ll be able to open a chest to reveal Recipe: Parfait inside.

When you re-emerge from the whirlpool, you’ll be on the other side of your starting position. Feel free to climb up the ladder to the left and unroll the ladder down to the other side, but it’s not essential. The rest of this area is pretty linear, with a few enemy fights in the middle for good measure.

At the end of this area, enter the cave and out into the next area. After more enemy fights, you’ll come to a large cliff face with a pool of water at the base. Climb up the rock wall and we’ll be graced with a pretty beautiful view of where our destination for a huge fight is going to be – Clockwork Castle.

At the top of this cliff, use the campfire and save. When you’re ready, switch the time to day (if it isn’t already) and interact with the sun symbol on the wall.

In the next area, watch the cutscene with the Strolling Minstrel before pushing all the leaves onto the pile of twigs in the middle of the arena. We then want to change the time to night, so there’s a blue glowing circle around the twigs. When this is done, we’ll have a boss fight on our hands.


Leaf Monster

Mini-Boss Fight – Leaf Monster

The Leaf Monster is an interesting boss in that it essentially plays out like an enhanced enemy, with a few unique attacks for good measure. All physical attacks and magic will do a grand total of 0 damage while it’s in this state.

This will continue until the Leaf Monster enacts its big move, Throw Leaves. This will essentially see the monster throw leaves at you like a boomerang. The leaves will disappear off the screen, rendering it vulnerable to all attacks.

If you’ve been hitting standard physical attacks up to this point, use a charged mana boost with Sunball or Crescent Arc for big damage. Garl’s Cooker Surprise can’t hurt either. After a few turns, the leaves will return, hitting one of your players from behind for each damage. 

Alongside Throw Leaves, Leaf Monster will also use a Smash attack, where he’ll slam both fists down on top of you. He also has Paincone too, which is a charged attack that sees spiky pinecones drop from the sky and hit each player.

This isn’t a particularly long fight, and when low on health Leaf Monster will flash yellow. If you’re low on MP yourself, don’t be afraid to switch around your party to make good use of our teammates, especially when the leaves are gone.

Progressing forward    

With the Leaf Monster dead, head through the newly opened doorway and watch a pretty lengthy cutscene. This will shed more light on Brugraves and Erlina’s choices up to this point.


Bamboo Creek

From the world map, head up to Bamboo Creek, which is located to the far north east. This is a tiny area, and only has a few chests. There’s a good weapon for Zale called Bamboo Slicer and 1x Rainbow Conch from the chest in the water. When you’re done, head out and we’ll be ready to tackle the Songshroom Marsh.

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Songshroom Marsh >>

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