Scott Pilgrim Takes Off – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off begins with Gideon receiving a phone call from Lucas. Gideon doesn’t want anything to do with Lucas since he refuses to stand up for him after his fight with Matthew. Lucas rings Gideon’s doorbell and enters Julie’s home. The two end up rekindling their friendship and participate in several activities. Julie returns and is infuriated by how messy everything is. She acknowledges Robot-01’s presence and Robot-01 leaps out the window comically. 

Sometime earlier, Ramona visits Julie and learns Gideon’s staying at her place. Julie and Ramona head somewhere. Elsewhere, Stephen and Knives rehearse for an upcoming gig involving Matthew. Kim asks how they convinced Matthew to bankroll her and Stephen’s new project. In a flashback, Stephen and Knives visit Matthew at his secret lair. They tell him they want him to star as the main lead in a Broadway musical and Matthew’s flattered and reveals his performer history to them. 

Matthew accepts their offer as we return to the present. Stephen knows Neil’s upset that things didn’t work out with the Scott-themed film. He hopes their musical will lighten him up a bit. Neil says he’s not bothered by the film getting canceled and reveals he didn’t write the script for it. He tells them he saw someone at his desk one night and believes they’re the one who wrote it. They visit his room and discuss the situation further. Kim says they should relay this information to Ramona as it can help her with her investigation. 

At the coffee shop, Julie informs Ramona about Gideon’s background as Gordon Goose. Julie says he used to attend her school and had a fearless persona. After failing to win over a girl’s heart, Julie says he moved and changed his name to Gideon Graves. Julie feels life’s been terrible with Gideon at her home. She mentions how he seemed more ambitious during their first meeting, but over time, all the evil that lingered in his heart drained. 

Ramona wonders if Gideon’s putting up an act or if he and Julie are pulling one over on her. Julie tells Ramona she wishes that were the case, but promises her she and Gideon haven’t been up to anything nefarious at all. Ramona crosses them off as suspects on her list and visits Julie’s home to speak with Gideon. We return to the squabble shown at the start of the episode. Julie wants to beat Lucas and Gideon senseless for ruining her home, but Ramona stops her. 

After giving Lucas a reality check, she tells Gideon to stop acting like a loser and to treat Julie better than how he treated her. Ramona asks Lucas about Robot-01 and he says he spotted it spying on her during the movie shoot. He says the twins created the robot, giving Ramona another lead. Lucas and Ramona leave. Gideon tells Julie he’s been scheming a new plan and Julie finds it compelling. Ramona meets with Kim and the others. Both groups share intel and break down the case. 

Ramona believes the twins are the culprits and gives her reasons why. She argues Robot-01 has vegan portal powers that far exceed Todd’s and recalls seeing it during the Sex Bob-omb Rock-It performance event. Although she doesn’t know where they took Scott, she plans to confront the twins about this incident. Knives informs Ramona about Neil’s script and says it was a script from the future. They hear someone at the door and it happens to be Scott. 

Ramona interrogates Scott. Scott confirms the twins and their robot companion were involved in his disappearance. However, Scott says someone else was behind it all.

The episode closes with Scott confirming he was the one behind everything. 

The Episode Review

It appears Scott’s disappearance case has reached its end. While the twins being the culprits behind the portal became obvious after Matthew’s name was cleared, many will be puzzled by Scott’s insistence to craft his disappearance. While this investigation’s resolved to an extent, there are still many mysteries and sub-plots for this story to clear up. 

From the twin’s true reasons for working with Scott on this to Gideon’s revenge plot, there’s a lot left for Scott Pilgrim: Takes Off to cover before its final episode. I’m interested to see how this all unfolds as we get closer to this anime’s finale. As for this episode, it provides fans with some fun laughs and heartfelt sequences. 

From Gideon and Lucas’s fun-filled activities to Julie’s rage-filled remarks, viewers will adore this one for its slice-of-life content. At the same time, it sets fans up for some engaging set pieces involving Gideon and Scott’s groups.

Although the episode has its share of faults, it’ll certainly leave fans questioning how everything will be wrapped up in the end. 

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