Scoop (2024) Ending Explained – Why is the BBC interview with Prince Andrew a disaster?

Scoop (2024) Plot Summary

Netflix’s latest movie, Scoop is a fictional look into the infamous interview between BBC and Prince Andrew. After Queen Elizabeth II’s second son, Prince Andrew is linked to Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender, mayhem unleashes.

In trying to get to the truth, an interview that allows Andrew to explain his side of the story is suggested. With rumours going about that the Queen herself has approved the interview, a rigorous procedure takes place to prevent the interview from being a disaster.

Meanwhile, it is a tough time in the journalistic world as there is extreme competition which has led to a massive layoff at BBC. To keep Newsnight running, producer Sam decides to go after Prince Andrew to secure a scoop right before Jeffrey Epstein is arrested for a second time. However, she faces a major obstacle, but it happens to be from her own team which includes the ambitious reporter, Emily Maitlis.

Why does Emily change the accusatory tone of the interview?

Initially, the Newsnight team decides to interrogate Prince Andrew from the get-go, to point blank ask him about his sexual allegations, his dealings with Epstein and his connection to Ghislaine Maxwell. However, Sam feels it is unfair as they are backstabbing the Palace.

The Prince agrees to the interview in the first place because Sam claims that he will be given time and space to tell his side of the story and clear his reputation. She tells this to Emily who is conflicted as she wants to speak out for the victims. She decides to listen to Sam and lets Andrew set the pace as he begins by talking about why he chose to speak to Newsnight and how he first befriended Epstein.

Why is the interview such a disaster?

Emily keeps holding back even though she is itching to nail Prince Andrew. However, he ruins it all on his own as his PR training doesn’t work. From the get-go, he is too loose with his words. He rambles, stammers and fixates on the wrong aspects. At one moment, she asks if he held a birthday party for Maxwell and he goes off about a shooting weekend to explain why he couldn’t have held the birthday party.

She pushes on why he was staying at a convicted sex offender’s house in 2010 when he went to break off his friendship. He stutters for a bit before exclaiming that it was a convenient place to stay. When Emily brings up Virgina’s sexual allegations against Andrew, the interview takes a turn for the worst. He first says that none of the sexual acts happened.

When she asks if Virginia is lying, Andrew ends up saying that it is difficult for him to answer. He tries to fix it by saying he doesn’t remember meeting her but the damage is done. In the end, Emily gives him a chance to give out an apologetic closing statement but he doesn’t take it which makes him look catty.

Does the interview save Andrew’s reputation? 

The Palace thinks that the interview has gone incredibly well and is in favour of the Prince. The BBC teasers share that Andrew has been honest and truthful which has Andrew and his secretary, Amanda feeling optimistic about the whole thing.

Unfortunately, once the interview goes live, the internet is ablaze with jokes and memes as they find the whole thing ridiculous. They make fun of his “sweating” condition and his emphasis on the pizza party and sympathise with Emily’s constant side eyes. Everyone ends up calling him a disgrace.

To fix it, he steps back from his royal duties and puts out a message in support of the victims via an official palace statement.

Does Sam get credit for the interview?

At the beginning of Scoop, Sam’s co-workers do not like her as they think she is into yellow journalism and sensational news. They think she is trouble and don’t think of her as one of them. She pushes for an interview with Andrew solely because BBC has enacted layoffs and she needs something big to keep Newsnight running.

However, once the interview is set, Sam is upset as it will be Emily in front of the camera and she wonders why she is doing all the hard work. She has to constantly stay away from her son while her mother has to babysit him late into the night. She only keeps at it because her mother reminds her that she is doing important work.

Once the interview is done, Emily compliments her for doing good work and acknowledges that they did it together. When the teasers go up, the team manager, Esme tweets that full credit goes to their producer Sam for securing the interview.

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