Scissor Seven – Season 4 Episode 10 Recap, Review and Ending Explained

Green Phoenix’s Revenge

Episode 10 of Scissor Seven Season 4 begins with the beginning of the fight between Green Phoenix and the Leader of the Shadow Assassins. The two have an intense sword fight, which initially injures Green Phoenix. He recalls his master saving him from the burning fires.

Green Phoenix dodges the leader’s blade, and the leader sends a claw to grab him. Green Phoenix recalls his master’s advice as he tells him the effects of the Blade of Fear and tells him to overcome his fears. Green Phoenix realizes the class must be a feigned attack and lets it pass right through him before blasting through the leader.

Who is the servant defending the leader?

Just as Green Phoenix heads to stab him, the servant intervenes, taking the stab and protecting the leader. She stabs Green Phoenix through the palm. The leader retracts his older statements and praises Green Phoenix’s strength. Green Phoenix mocks him for using a robot from Stern, but the leader counters justifying it and telling him he missed his only chance.

Why does Green Phoenix flee mid-fight?

Green Phoenix challenges the leader, saying that he has another trick up his sleeve. Just then, the servant projects a scene of Thirteen unconscious in possession of Manjusaka, who tells him that she has poisoned her, and Thirteen has only an hour before lunchtime for the snake demons.

Green Phoenix displays indifference and claims she is only a pawn in his plan. Green Phoenix jumps to strike, obliterates the servant, and stabs the leader before fleeing. He arrives just in time to rescue Thirteen.

How does Green Phoenix rescue Thirteen?

Leaving the place, he encounters Manjusaka on the way, who tells him that the poison from Thirteen will poison him as well. She offers to heal him in exchange for a kiss, but he shoots a projectile and uses the time to get away.

Later that evening, Green Phoenix explains to Thirteen his motives for taking down the leader and how he carried them out. He pledges to teach her the most powerful technique of the Green Cloud, the Green Cloud Spring.

Does Green Phoenix teach Thirteen the Green Cloud Spring?

Months later, Green Phoenix realizes she has been too accustomed to the Twin Blade faction and isn’t able to grasp the Green Cloud Spring, and sends her off to another person who can teach her the technique before proceeding to fight the leader on his own.

Does the Green Phoenix kill Manjusaka?

On his way, Green Phoenix fights multiple shadow assassins while a flashback plays, expressing his attributes. He admits to miscalculating the human relationship.

Just then, Manjusaka stands in his way, and the two engage in combat. Shimen comes in with a devastating attack, blowing Green Phoenix and everything in its way away. They head in to confirm the kill, and Shimen uses his powers to shatter the ground. Green Phoenix hurls his sword at him, and Manjusaka swoops in for an attack. 

Green Phoenix blasts energy through her chest but ends up getting stabbed in the chest before stabbing her through the abdomen and killing her. He falls to the ground as the leader approaches him with a sword.

A flashback appears as Young Green Phoenix questions his master for putting his life in danger for other people. His master responds, telling him that life is not a GO game where the outcomes can be calculated.

The Episode Review

Episode 10 of Scissor Seven Season 4 features one of the most awestriking battles as Green Phoenix takes on the leader and almost emerges victorious before having to rush away to save Thirteen. The episode takes this opportunity to familiarize viewers with Green Phoenix’s past and his master before he can return to fight.

It also seems that Green Phoenix’s character has more to it than what meets the eye. This is made more evident in his attempt to evade and head over to rescue Thirteen after calling her a Pawn in his plan.

The season has a lot going on with multiple subplots running simultaneously. It leaves us on a cliffhanger to discover what happens with Seven, Green Phoenix as well and Red Tooth. 

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