Scissor Seven – Season 4 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Showdown on the Chicken Island

Episode 9 of Scissor Seven Season 4 begins with a bright new day as White Fox wakes up on the terrace of Seven’s house. He realizes Seven isn’t back yet and decides to start killing. Just as he takes aim, a spacecraft appears out of the sky and the Prince of Stern appears in front of White Fox. Prince identifies that White Fox has killed multiple residents of his kingdom and the shining incident. 

He swears to bring justice, and a fight erupts between the two. Prince attempts to attack, but White Fox dodges and counters. Prince also unleashes missiles, which White Fox counters with energy points. Prince activates kill mode and fires a huge blaster, creating a crater in the ground. He assumes White Fox is dead, but he appears from behind and taps his armor, causing it to burst.

Just as White Fox is about to eliminate him, Cola steps in, claiming the fight is not fair, and requests another day to charge up. White Fox reluctantly agrees. Once White Fox leaves, Cola shows him a newly discovered energy stone he can use to charge up. Prince demands some time for him to be able to change the energy into something his suit can use. Cola urges him to convert the spaceship into an energy extractor.

Later that night, White Fox once again dines at the restaurant. Just then they notice a firework in the sky. They then realize it is a missile and not just a firework. White Fox uses his powers to blast the missile midair. Prince transforms the space shuttle into a robot and heads to attack White Fox. White Fox blasts multiple parts, including Prince’s bionic arm using his energy points. 

Just before he could use his final energy blast to kill Prince, he freezes and isn’t able to move. He realizes Cola is holding his hand. Cola signals Prince to make his move, and he springs up to attack. White Fox sends an energy wave down his arm, causing Cola to be blown away, and also fires another energy point at her.

This forces Prince to stop his attack and he sends his arm to block White Fox’s attack from touching Cola. This gives White Fox the opportunity to blow Prince’s last piece of his armor to bits. He then attempts to shoot once again at Cola, but his hand is automatically diverted away. 

He notices Lee Zard using his invisibility and long tongue to divert his hand. Lee Zard wraps his tongue around White Fox, allowing Ichiro to jump from the building, shoot a bullet from the bottom of his sword, and then come slicing down with the blade. 

Unfortunately, Ichiro misses, and White Fox flings Lee Zard at him, sending him flying into a wall. White Fox shoots an energy point at them, which they dodge. However, it hits the wall behind them and crushes Lee Zard under the rubble.

White Fox intimidates Ichiro as his fear overwhelms him. White Fox heads over to finish Cola off, but just then Ichiro picks up his blade and approaches White Fox to strike him down. White Fox repeatedly keeps slapping Ichiro while calling him a coward. Ichiro’s sword breaks with the number of times it has fallen.

White Fox takes aim to finally end Ichiro, but Deer Girl surrounds him in a circular motion, creating multiple images of herself. The Bear Girl charges in from behind but misses and takes the Deer Girl down with her. Ichiro throws his broken sword at White Fox, which he dodges. The sword hits a wall, firing a bullet out of the back end, which is also dodged by White Fox.

Ichiro takes the opportunity to catch White Fox off guard and land a strong kick across the face. White Fox retaliates with a combination of brutal kung gu moves and knocks Ichiro to the ground.

Just then, White Fox takes aim at the girls and fires an energy point, but it doesn’t make it to them. They assume it is Chaiman Jiang, but realize it is Red Tooth. White Fox is surprised to know he isn’t dead. Red Tooth tells him that his target should be Green Phoenix and not Seven. White Fox thinks he is playing a trick to steal the kill, but Red Tooth reveals the deal he made with the old woman and attacks White Fox.

White Fox sends a massive energy orb, but Red Tooth tears through it effortlessly. Red Tooth bursts through and sticks his claws into White Fox’s chest. White Fox grabs his arm and uses his powers on Red Tooth.

The Episode Review

Episode 9 of Scissor Seven Season 4 unleashes a feisty fight as the residents of Chicken Island and a few others unite to save the fate of their land. The chapter brings up unity in a very wholesome manner, and this is something that stands out in this chapter. The episode also specifically focuses on the breaking out of Ichiro, an assassin who has always been held back by fear. The chapter features a montage-worthy fight between the two.

The subplot that had been building up the past few episodes finally arrives at its finale as Red Tooth arrives and stops White Fox from destroying the island. Things somehow work out as Chairman Jiang’s request also falls in Red Tooth’s interest due to his rivalry with Green Phoenix.

Strangely, the fight between the leader and Green Phoenix has stalled mid-battle for a while now, and it is high time we get to see some action from them. 

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