Scissor Seven – Season 4 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Red Tooth’s Past

Scissor Seven Season 4 Episode 7 begins with Huilian being declared the successor of the master. This hurts Quan (Red Tooth), who realizes she chose to become the master over living a life with him and storms out through the crowd. Later, when Huilian apologizes, he passive-aggressively compliments the White Lily Blossom she will get to learn, claiming he would choose to learn the skill over their relationship too.

Quan overhears the kids making fun of him for falling in love with their future master. He tries to run away until he gets backed into a corner and is forced to fight them. He ends up getting severely beaten up as he is outnumbered. 

Troubled by the pain and agony he approaches the Blood Demon. He admits he isn’t powerful enough to unlock the Blood Demon’s seal, but is willing to bring the head of the Heaven Lily Sect who can unlock his seal. He demands the powers of the Blood Demon to do that, but the Blood Demon does it by possessing him instead. 

Quan returns and wreaks havoc over the Heaven Lily Sect, killing multiple students until the master attacks him and brings an end to it. Huilian steps in to save him and gets expelled and punished by the master. She takes him away and helps him recover, but leaves him once he regains consciousness, instructing him to never meet her again.

Red Tooth regains consciousness in the pool of the Blood Demon and sees Huilian chained to him standing at the entrance of the cave. She informs him that he has the Blood Demon inside his blood and that she is using the Lily Seal. Red Tooth shows no gratitude and plans to go fight Green Phoenix first.

He realizes the chain keeping them together is the same which held the Blood Demon. She expresses her intentions to remove the Blood Demon from Quan by not letting him feed on blood, and letting the demon starve to death. Red Tooth claims that he doesn’t wish the Blood Demon to die.

He instantly yanks her towards him and attempts to strike her. Huilian uses her Kung Fu to fight back and knock him into the wall of the cave. Red Tooth comes back out, and they continue to exchange blows. Huilian wraps him up in chains. Red Tooth still attempts to bite her, but she manages to keep her distance.

As he tries to bite her, she kicks him up towards the ceiling. She jumps to use White Lily Blossom but misses her aim on purpose. He takes the opportunity to land a scratch on her hand, causing her to bleed. He realizes that White Lily Blossom requires her to kiss a man and teases her about it. She clarifies that she only needed to use the seal to purify him and chase away the Blood Demon.

They stare at each other for minutes, with flashbacks of their good times playing. Just then her phone begins to ring, and she gets to know that Chicken Island is in great danger.

The Episode Review

Scissor Seven Season 4 Episode 7 tells the same tale with Huilian from Quan’s point of view, bringing to light what he had to go through. The previous episode didn’t really demonize Quan’s reasons, but this one gives more perspective and depth of what he had to go through. 

The chapter breaks flow as it initially shows Chairman Jiang entering the cave. However, once she enters the cave, she is the younger Huilian. The episodes already keep switching between times and utilizing the character from the wrong time makes it unnecessarily confusing. Nevertheless, although they have used a younger Huilian, it is Chairman Jiang.

The episode also has an action sequence, but the battle ends up being extremely one-sided as Quan is not a formidable fighter at all. 

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