Scissor Seven – Season 4 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Huilian’s Past

Scissor Seven Season 4 Episode 6 begins with Chairman Jiang (Huilian) submitting all her valuables to the Miracle Doctor, requesting him to save Redtooth. Miracle Doctor informs her that he will only be able to keep him alive for 7 more days through acupuncture and that only the Blood Demon’s pool can help him.

She takes him over to the boat to travel to Xuanxu. The scene transitions to 10 years before in the Heaven Lily Sect, where she and Quan (Redtooth) grew close. One day he confesses he loves her, but she reluctantly rejects it as the Sky Lotus Sect forbids marriage. He then offers to leave Xuanwu with him so they can live a happy life together, but she cuts him off with an apology. 

He is hurt that she would rather stay and be a master of the Heaven Lily Sect. The next day, the current master expresses her intentions to make Huilian her successor, emphasizing that she is the only one who can succeed her. Huilian tries her best but isn’t able to turn down the offer. The Master decides to teach Huilian her secret Kung Fu skills. 

Jiang carries Redtooth on her back up to the Heaven Lily Sect. She has a flashback of the ceremony where she was declared the successor of the master. Quan stares in disbelief as his dreams fall apart and storm out through the crowd. Later that day, when she apologizes, he taunts her, saying her choice is understandable as she has the opportunity to learn the most powerful Kung Fu skill, White Lily Blossom.

The Master teaches her White Lily Blossom but realizes she is distracted and sends her to rest. After a while, a student storms in to inform her about something Quan has done. She arrives at the place to see him possessed and drinking the blood of several students he had killed. His proposal words play in her mind. 

Looking at Huilian, he gets even more enraged. And kills multiple more students. He attempts to attack the master, but she strikes back, leaving him groaning in pain. Right before she can end him, Huilian intervenes and attempts to save him. The master stops her, claiming it will be a betrayal and that she will be expelled from the sect. 

Huilian chooses to ignore the consequences and continues trying to save him. Master expresses her disappointment and gives her the punishment of Ten Heavenly Punishments torture. Huilian willingly accepts the punishment, claiming it is her fault. Huilian takes the punishment as a beam of electric energy falls on her from the sky, leaving her in tatters. The master sends both of them away and threatens to kill him if she ever sees him again.

Snapping back to the current time, Jiang arrives and enters the gates of the Heaven Lily Sect, recalling that her master had passed away shortly after the incident. She regrets not being able to go and visit her master one last time. She arrives at a picture of her master and bows to pay her respects. The disciples of the Heaven Lily Sect scattered after the death of the Master and the sect ceased to exist.

She blames herself for the fall of the Heaven Lily Sect, but pledges to save Redtooth by taking him to the Pool of the Blood Demon.

The Episode Review

Scissor Seven Season 4 Episode 6 takes us through a tragic and incomplete love story of Huilian and Ah Quan. Although the plot has very little to do with Seven’s journey, it is captivating enough to sit with teary eyes glued to the screen. 

The story writing of this chapter is exceptional. Right from the rejection to the reaction to the consequence of the reaction, each part fits in perfectly. What makes it even more heartfelt is that Hulian had two things she held so dear and unfortunately she wasn’t able to make a firm choice on either one.

So, when she did pick one, the other was devastated, which was something she couldn’t bear to see. This forces her to change her mind, but now has to face the consequences of disobeying the rules of the Heaven Lily Sect. The episode puts a dagger through the heart as she enters the soulless premises of the once Heaven Lily Sect and bows to the picture of her master.

What adds to its essence is the art style and the music used in the animation. There are multiple shades of the same emotions meant to be manifested, and the animations comes through and delivers on them.

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