Scissor Seven – Season 4 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Episode 5 of Scissor Seven Season 4 begins with White Fox looking for Seven’s hair salon while pondering upon why Seven would want to kill the leader of the organization, despite being number 1. He finds Seven’s salon and looks through the photos put up. The next day, White Fox shows the photograph to an old man, asking where Seven is. The old man recalls that Seven has gone on a trip and offers to contact him via phone upon request.

Dai Bo picks up the phone on Seven’s behalf. White Fox tells Dai Bo to inform Seven about his presence, but the phone cuts off right before he can mention his devastating power.

Uncle Chen yells at White Fox as the long-distance call costs him 10 yuan. White fox is infuriated by Uncle Chen’s behavior and begins to charge an attack at his fingertip, but Uncle Chen falls down in pain before he can strike.

Uncle Chen cries out in pain due to the kidney stones. White Fox uses his power to make the kidney stones shatter, relieving Uncle Chen. Uncle Chen thinks he is a miracle doctor and begins telling everyone around, gathering a crowd of old people to be healed.

Back in Superpower Country the archmage identifies the three toxins in Seven’s body and apologizes as he cannot be treated. Just then, Price of Stern brings the Miracle Doctor along with all of his medicine and he claims he can heal anyone except a dead man.

White Fox shows Ordinary Assassin and Harukaze the photo of Seven asking for where he is. They begin discussing him in front of White Fox. White Fox claims he needs a haircut and requests them to get him connected with Seven through the phone. Harukaze dials Seven and realizes White Fox is one of the seven major shadow assassins.

The Miracle Doctor brings Seven back to consciousness and he right away asks about Thirteen claiming she had been poisoned while protecting him. Seven then gets a call from White Fox. White Fox threatens to kill everyone on Chicken Island if he doesn’t return and face him.

Later that evening, White Fox sits at the beach watching the sunset and envying Seven’s life. He entertains a few kids who are playing around before grabbing his hat. He proceeds to shoot energy points around everywhere and watches everything around him explode as he wreaks havoc on Chicken Island.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 of Scissor Seven Season 4 features the emergence of White Fox in pursuit of Seven. Meanwhile, Seven also recovers from the toxins and regains consciousness. White Fox is introduced as a very calm and collected character, but what makes it interesting are the dark undertones of his personality. Interestingly, the Prince of Stern brings back Miracle Doctor to save Cola but arrives just in time to save Seven. 

This episode is devoid of any action scenes and intricate plot developments. It solely focuses on introducing White Fox and the recovery of Seven. The episode also doesn’t target humor like the donghua ideally does. To be honest, there’s nothing more to the episode other than mild character-building for White Fox.

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