Scissor Seven – Season 4 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The “Immortal” Black Bird

Episode 1 of Scissor Seven Season 4 begins with Thirteen slashing through Black Bird’s blindfolds. Black Bird is astonished she is able to do so as her blades had snapped midair, but then realizes the slashes were inflicted by the Thousand Demon Daggers as he sees Seven standing with the sword in his hand.

Black Bird grabs her by the neck and holds her up midair. Seven jumps to strike as Black Bird tightens his grip. Black Bird manages to block the blade of the demon dagger, but Seven activates the ability of the dagger to split and attacks Black Bird’s arm, causing him to let Thirteen go.

Black Bird attempts to use his stomach blast, but Seven is quick to dodge and jumps into the air. Black Bird swoops down and grabs Seven to drag him against the statue. He takes Seven to the sky to drop him and blast the dark matter at him through his stomach.

With no way to run or dodge, Seven disintegrates his blade, sending it through Black Bird’s stomach opening and then making them pierce their way out in all directions. This however doesn’t kill Black Bird and he swoops down to grab Seven as they head towards the ground. A flashback rolls where Black Bird finds out that he will become an undead bird in the darkness if he masters the skill.

The two fall to the ground, Seven first, and immediately engage in high-speed combat in the woods. Seven slashes the side of Black Bird, but in return, he has a chunk of flesh ripped out of his arm. They exchange attacks with neither backing down, but suddenly Black Bird dodges an attack and flies away.

Another flashback rolls in where he learns that he can fight only in the dark. Snapping back to the current time, he puts on a blindfold and begins to power up. Seven interrupts his transformation by jumping up and slashing off the blindfold once again and then stabs Black Bird.

A flashback rolls in where Black Bird sobs over the demise of his disciples as the White Birds killed them all in war. White Bird explains that he couldn’t let them ruin the name of the Flying Bird Sect. Black Bird argues that the Flying Bird Sect is nothing without the Black Birds as they are the only heroes in the dark.

Snapping back to the current time, Black Bird rages, enlarging his wings as he uses them to stab through Seven’s head. The wings, however, begin to fade away and they freefall to Earth while the dagger remains stabbed into Black Bird’s side.

Black Bird has a flashback of an argument with White Bird where he is informed that he isn’t immortal, just numb to pain and that the fate of the Flying Birds Sect lies in the hands of the White Birds only as people hate darkness. Manjusaka uses a portion to restore Black Bird’s face to his youthful beauty as he lies dead and steps up to face Seven and Thirteen herself.

The Episode Review

The previous season ends mid-fight as Thirteen attempts to protect Seven against Black Bird, Manjusaka, and ­­­­Shimen. This episode opens season 4 and continues with the gloom and doom aura of Seven’s journey in Xuanvu. 

The chapter features an explosive action sequence between Seven and Black Bird and also brings out multiple tactical moves from both. The episode also demonstrates Black Bird’s backstory and his pursuit of vengeance.

Episode 1 of Scissor Seven Season 4 ends with both Black Bird and Seven falling from the sky, rendering Black Bird dead and Seven severely injured once again.


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