School Tales The Series – Season 1 Episode 7 “Curse” Recap & Review


School Tales the Series season 1 episode 7 tells of an old school story. There’s an abandoned building behind this school that used to be a school infirmary. It’s said that if you sit in the wheelchair and turn your back to the door, the ghost of the school nurse appears to grant you a wish.

There’s a student at this school named Korn. He has no friends. In fact, he’s bullied constantly by all of his classmates, but three of them especially: A, Bom, and Mint.

When Korn refuses to let them copy his answers for the final exams, the bullies come up with a better idea. They drag Korn with them to the old infirmary. Remembering the old ghost tale, they tie him to the wheelchair and face him away from the door.

A, Bom, and Mint demand that Korn wish for them to pass their exams whenever the ghost appears. They abandon him to go take their exams, but Bom first splits up to smoke a cigarette.

Later, Bom turns up dead. Then Korn meets up with A and Mint, grinning. It turns out his wish is coming true. When the nurse appeared to him, he wished for the three of them to die.

Mint and A freak out and run–but a wheelchair finds both of them, just like it did Bom. They die gruesome deaths at the hand of the ghost, causing a panic to rise within the school.

Korn expects his problems to be solved. But with the worst of his bullies gone, the rest of his class starts to bully him even more. He tells them they’ll all pay, just like Bom, A, and Mint did.

He returns to the infirmary and wishes that all the people who bullied him would also die. “Of course,” the ghost replies.

However, there’s still the matter of payment for the wishes she’s granting him. For every death, she will require one of his body parts. For his first wish, she’ll take 3. And for his second–33.

Korn screams as one of his hands starts to rot. He yells that he’s changed his mind; that wasn’t part of the deal. She doesn’t listen. As she kills more students, more of his body rots. She says she’ll let him rot to death before she grants him all 33 deaths.

Eventually, he dies. Maggots fly around the unrecognizable corpse that sits in the wheelchair.

Later, when new students explore the infirmary, they don’t see the corpse. A girl sits in the wheelchair and turns her back to the door, wondering what she should wish for.

The Episode Review

This episode by Saniphong Suddhiphun has an unlucky place in this Thai horror anthology, as the school bullying trope has already been extensively worn out.

However, it’s nice to see a more intense slasher horror, which felt missing from the series so far. (Although the first episode, “7AM,” could be considered a slasher, it felt tamer in comparison.)

Overall, “Curse” reads as too moralistic, even as it doesn’t seem too sure about what message it’s trying to send. The substance of it seems to be “everyone is punished–no matter what,” which could be excusable if you like a side of extra gore with your horror.

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  1. I don’t care for slasher horror. Especially not in the SUPERNATURAL realm. I don’t need for a movie/anthology to look and feel like Friday The 13th or Halloween in order for me to consider it genuine of hard-hitting horror. I PREFER horror films/anthologies with supernatural elements in place of heavy gore. Gore does not move me(only my stomach muscles in the direction of projectile vomiting maybe)but a GOOD supernatural thriller NEVER fails to deliver. My favorite horror films are ones like The Conjuring, The Ring, Shutter, The Grudge, The Fog and anything similar. Just give me a good creepy story line as opposed to the protagonist(s) LITERALLY having their guts ripped out.

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