School Tales The Series – Season 1 Episode 6 “Lunch” Recap & Review


In School Tales the Series season 1 episode 6, there’s a school food stall that found overnight success in the cafeteria. There’s rumored to be a secret in Aunty Jong’s soup.

Kong, aka Click (as is tattooed on the back of his neck), wants to uncover that secret. As it’s rumored that Jong’s son is a drug dealer, Kong expects to find something like marijuana. But when he livestreams his investigation of the food stall, he discovers what looks like a dog skull.

After his finding, a strange hooded figure haunts Kong, who then accuses Jong of sending her son after him.

The students praise Kong for uncovering the ghastly secret of what they’ve all been eating. That is, until it comes to light that the skull in fact belonged to a chicken and not a dog. When Kong counters that with the accusation that Jong sent her son after him, Jong’s coworker shames him even further. Her son died a month ago, he says. He was beheaded.

The whole school now turns against Kong, even his best friends. When just hours ago, they were coming out in support of his actions, now they are making their own videos to highlight what a jerk he is, and calling him a clout-chaser.

And a clout-chaser he is. Desperate to regain his following, Kong takes drastic action. He kills and bags a cat to plant in Aunty Jong’s stall overnight. When he gets there, however, he’s confronted with an already-strange sight.

On Jong’s table are multiple lit candles and skulls surrounding a picture of Jong’s son. In front of the picture is a bag, which Jong always uses in her soups.

Kong reaches for his phone to film everything, but it glitches and doesn’t work. Suddenly, the hooded figure appears. When Kong asks to see his face, he lifts back his hood–to reveal he has no head.

Kong unties the bag in front of the picture, screaming when he discovers a human skull. It belongs to the hooded figure, Jong’s son.

Aunty Jong then appears. She instructs her son to stop, and the figure disappears. Jong then advances on Kong. She tells him that she and her son were planning on leaving quietly, but he just had to get in the way. All she wanted was to be close to her son. She pulls out a knife. “Are you happy now?” she asks as she stabs Kong repeatedly.

The next day, students eat at Aunty Jong’s place and marvel at how the soup is extra tasty today. They eat happily, until one student discovers a piece of meat with Kong’s tattoo on it. As the students scream and run, Aunty Jong watches, smiling.

The Episode Review

Another episode directed by Songsak Mongkolthong, “Lunch”, puts a horrific twist on school cafeteria food–as if it needed any.

Mongkolthong, like in “Beautiful,” again focuses on cultural messages affecting young people. Decrying both the fickle attitude of people to be swayed by the majority and the attention-seeking ways of young people on social media, the episode makes for a chilling lesson in humility.

It doesn’t necessarily all make sense, though. Aunty Jong states she just wanted to be close to her son, as if that explains the reason she’s been marinating his head in soup. (It doesn’t.)

Nevertheless, “Lunch” hits a lot of right notes–with heightened suspense, a complicated villain, and a realistically flawed protagonist.

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2 thoughts on “School Tales The Series – Season 1 Episode 6 “Lunch” Recap & Review”

  1. i was screaming in side my heart as a cat lover to see Kong kill that cat for no damn reason. hopefully they didnt actually kill the poor cat, if they did they are friggin human. cuz humans would never care for such precious animals any ani als actually.

  2. This story was awesome. I couldn’t help but feel anything but compassion toward Aunty Jong. She shouldn’t have killed Kong or used her son’s head to season her food. However, it is heartbreaking to watch Kong falsely accusing her of using cats and dogs in her food as she is reduced to tears in front of the entire staff and student body.

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