School Spirits – Season 1 Episode 7 “Séance Anything” Recap & Review

Séance Anything

Episode 7 of School Spirits starts with Simon visiting Nicole to check on her after she went AWOL all weekend and failed to pick him up for school. Nicole claims she has been busy working on her portfolio and has a deadline. Simon understands, as he has an interview with a university alum and he is nervous too.

He gets a chance to go through Nicole’s portfolio as they talk about the possibility of Mr South being innocent. Simon finds it hard to believe and asks how Sandra handled the news and Nicole says she was upset. Simon notices all of Nicole’s pictures are of Maddie and she ends uip getting defensive, as Simon tries to motivate her.

At school, Mr Martin prepares a mock trial but no one is interested. It seems everyone is curious to find out if Maddie remembers what happened with the janitor. Maddie is feeling frustrated that she is yet to recover her memories and she can’t help Mr South. Mr Martin reminds her she is a ghost and can’t change anything in the human world. He finds it suspicious that Maddie keeps talking like she can help her human friends but no one tells him that Maddie can speak to Simon.

Rhonda thinks her brain is trying to protect her from memories but Wally decides to help Maddie unlock her repressed memory all the dame. He offers her a book that says they should trigger this through senses such as smell. With the help of Rhonda and Charley, Wally tries to recreate Maddie’s last lunch but the effort bares no results.

Meanwhile, Maddie’s mom wakes up after drinking all night. She heads to Maddie’s room and is surprised to find the window open. She senses that someone might have sneaked into the room. She later heads out to buy more alcohol and sees posters of Maddie. Mr South tries to approach her to explain his innocence. Sandra doesn’t give him a chance to explain and nearly runs him over.

Back at school, Wally suggests they do hypnosis and seems to be irked every time Maddie mentions Simon. Dawn watches them try to trigger Maddie’s memory and offers to help by performing an anti-seance. She feels hypnosis is dangerous and Maddie agrees to her suggestion.

On the other side, Xavier, Nicole, Claire and Simon try to find a way to clear Mr South’s name. Xavier doesn’t understand why his dad is hell-bent on making Mr South the suspect when he was his alibi. He thinks that his father is abusing his power. Claire believes they can save Mr South if they figure out who actually took that scandalous video of her and Mr Anderson and blackmailed them. Nicole seems stressed out at the mention of the video.

Simon decides that they have a better chance of sneaking into the evidence room to find out any other evidence the police have against Mr South. Nicole is against the idea so the rest agree to go along with it. Nicole tries to come after Claire but Simon asks her to chill. He asks her if there is something more going on as she has been acting strange. A bell rings and Simon suggests they head to the police station during their lunch break.

Meanwhile, Nicole tries to delete some files on the school computer but is unable to. Simon meets with the university alum and intentionally ruins his chances of getting into the institution. Maddie listens in and is frustrated that he is intentionally bombing the interview but he is unable to hear her. Simon is scared to leave Maddie behind and feels like there is no need for him to leave town as they had initially planned together.

At lunch, Claire comes up with a plan to break her window and make a false report to the police that she is being stalked. As she makes her report to the Sheriff, Simon and Xavier sneak into the evidence room. Simon notices that the alleged Maddie’s boot prints are not hers and asks Xavier if he was with Nicole when she discovered them. Xavier tells him that Nicole was alone as they had agreed to spilt up in the woods.

At school, Nicole once again goes to the computer lab and asks her teacher about the possibility of permanently deleting files on the school computer. The teacher informs her that it is impossible as the computer automatically backs up its files.

Simon returns to the school and finds Maddie waiting for him at the bus station. She wants to know why he tanked his interview but he is more concerned about what he learnt at the station. He shares his theory with Maddie but she insists on knowing why he failed his interview. Simon tells her he sees no point in continuing with their plans and Maddie tells him that he has to continue living his life.

Simon returns the conversation to Nicole and reminds Maddie that Nicole might resent them for calling her Maddie’s copycat. It seems like the comment hurt Nicole deeply and they both apologized but Simon thinks she might still be holding a grudge. Maddie doesn’t believe him and thinks that Nicole is simply grieving. She asks Simon to be careful because Nicole would never forgive him for suspecting her of killing Maddie. Maddie asks him to find evidence and dismisses the idea.

Rhonda also finds herself in trouble with Mr Martin who doesn’t understand why she is indulging Maddie. Rhonda assures him that she is still working on crossing over but wants to help Maddie because she understands her pain. Charley overhears their conversation and interrupts them to inform Rhonda that Dawn is ready.

Dawn prepares an anti-seance and tries to get Maddie to remember her last day. She offers her experience as a guide and we learn she accidentally died after hearing her friends mock her.

Claire and Xavier continue looking for evidence to free Mr South. They check his calendar and learn that Nicole was present during the day the video was taken.  They ask Simon to talk to Nicole but she skips class. Xavier points out that she might be trying to get rid of the evidence. It turns out he is right, Nicole is trying to delete the video from the computer she used to blackmail Mr Anderson and Claire. After class, Maddie talks to Simon and is open to hearing his theory about Nicole. After listening to Dawn’s story, she realized that she needs to be open to finding the truth even if it hurts.

Simon comforts her and tells her that he loves her. He admits he is conflicted about helping her solve her murder and crossover. Maddie tells him that he has to live his life and he starts crying as he feels it is unfair. They set off to look for Nicole and find her in the computer lab.

They confront her and she admits that she threatened Mr Anderson because she needed the money to follow them to Boston. She failed to get into the art college and her parents can’t afford the fees. Simon comforts her and apologizes for suspecting her. She has been blaming herself for Maddie’s disappearance and felt pathetic for not getting into college.

Simon asks her to take the money to the police so Mr South can prove his innocence. The scene cuts to Sandra counting money in an envelope and hiding it in Maddie’s room. Nicole agrees to take them to where she hid the money. On their way out, Maddie thanks Dawn and apologizes for triggering her painful memories. She tells Dawn that she deserved better and she is a good friend.

Maddie rushes to follow Simon and Nicole. Suddenly, the lights flicker and Dawn crosses over. Rhonda, Charley and Wally find it strange as they didn’t get goosebumps or see the lights flicker when Janet crossed over.

After school, Xavier is confronted by his dad about sneaking into the evidence lab. Luckily, Claire stands up for him as the Sheriff says some harsh words towards Xavier.

The episode ends with Maddie watching by the school fence as Simon and Maddie dig to find the money. Unfortunately, the money is gone and Simon asks if she was followed the night of the homecoming dance. Nicole points out that she went to Sandra’s house first before hiding the money.

As they talk, Maddie has a memory flash of her mom and her fighting. She notices someone in a black hoodie walking behind Simone and Nicole. She tries to warn Simon but they also realize and start chasing the hooded figure.

This crazy episode comes to a close with Rhonda, Wally and Charley approaching Maddie. She reveals that she needs to talk to her mother because she thinks that she may be her killer.

The Episode Review

Sandra turning out to be a suspect was a twist I didn’t see coming. Did she kill her daughter? And if so, then why? It can’t be because of the money Maddie was not informed about Nicole’s blackmail plans. What did they fight about and how did Maddie’s blood end up in the school basement?

I am also suspicious of Mr Martin, what did he do with Janet? It looked like he was shocked when Dawn crossed over. It was like he was seeing it for the first time. Where did Janet go? It is not possible to die twice so did she manage to leave the school property?

We have one episode left but there’s still so many questions. I hope we get answers in the finale, which is left hanging precariously in the balance.

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