School Spirits – Season 1 Episode 6 “Grave the Last Dance” Recap & Review

Grave the Last Dance

Episode 6 of School Spirits starts with Simon being surprised to learn Maddie is going to the homecoming dance with a footballer ghost. Maddie changes the subject to her murder.

Meanwhile, Claire informs her girlfriends that she will be going with Xavier to the homecoming dance with Xavier. She makes it clear that she won’t allow any of them to discriminate against him as she is sure he didn’t kill Maddie. She texts him that she will be his date.

Xavier quickly updates Simon and Nicole and asks for their next move. Simon tells him to crack Claire at the homecoming dance. He orders Xavier to charm Claire and record her confession. Xavier thinks that would be impossible but Simon asks Nicole to take Xavier suit shopping so he can be hot enough to seduce Claire. Later, Simon checks whether Maddie is really okay with the plan and she says she is fine.

After their meeting, Maddie joins Rhonda and looks for a suitable dress from the school theatre wardrobe. Maddie asks Rhonda if ghosts can have sex and it seems she is thinking of getting together with Wally.

In the meantime, Claire corners Xavier in the boys’ shower room and asks about his motive to reach out to her. Xavier lies that he has been feeling sorry and wants to work things out between them as he misses her. Claire informs him that she will pick him up the next day for the dance.

Charley shows Maddie his letter to Emilio but she thinks it is too long. She asks him to make the letter shorter and make it look like he wrote it before his death. She also reminds him that he will have to forgive himself once Emilio reads the letter. She advises him to start living his death.

After class, Maddie stalks Xavier and sees a message sent by Claire. Xavier tells Simon about the message and shares that he feels like he is getting into a trap. Maddie through Simon, tells him that he can’t pull out of their plans. He owes her and needs to pay the piper. Simon plans to attend the dance with Nicole and leaves.

After school, Xavier and Nicole do their scheduled suit shopping, and Nicole questions if Xavier’s concerns are valid. Xavier feels like he no longer knows Claire, while it’s worth noting that Nicole’s reaction to this statement seems suspicious, what is she hiding?

Simon visits Sandra and reminisces about Maddie and their college plans. Sandra still believes Maddie is coming home. She asks if Maddie reached out to Simon and he tells her no. Before he leaves, she shares that she always thought Maddie would go to the dance with him. Simon borrows Maddie’s picture to display at the dance.

Night rolls by and Wally picks up Maddie. He tries to make it special for her and Maddie finds his actions sweet.  Claire picks up Xavier and tries to learn how the case is going from Sheriff Baxter.

The Sheriff is grateful for the money her parents donated to his campaign but refuses to tell her about the ongoing investigation. On their ride to the dance, Claire stops the car and interrogates Xavier on his newfound friendship with Simon and Nicole. Xavier explains that he feels bad since they were Maddie’s friends. Claire believes him and kisses him.

At the dance, Simon admits to Nicole that he once thought of dating Maddie but shut down that idea.  Wally becomes the life of the party but sadly he can only be visible to the ghosts. He is also hurt because Maddie is focused on Xavier and Claire. Wally tells Maddie that perhaps she is not ready to be dead and she argues that she is just newly dead. He has had 28 years to come to terms with his death and she has had a few weeks.

Maddie feels sad watching them dance and acting as if they are dating. Xavier tries his best to charm Claire but his plans fail. She notices that he is trying to record their moments alone and he confesses that he thinks she killed Maddie. He shows her the video of her threatening Mr Anderson and asks if she swapped Maddie’s phone too.

Claire admits that she found out Mr Anderson was selling drugs and decided to blackmail him for better grades. Once they thought Maddie was blackmailing them, she suggested he pay but she never killed her. She also admits that she swapped Maddie’s phone but they destroyed it after they were unable to unlock it. Xavier believes her but they still need to find the killer to make sure. He tells Simon everything Claire admitted to, and she is inclined to believe him too.

Elsewhere, Maddie’s mom thinks someone sneaked into her house. She believes it is Maddie and calls Simon. Simon ignores her so she calls Nicole instead. Nicole offers to go to her as Simon is feeling angry at Xavier for not doing a better job with Claire.

Simon stays back at the dance and gives Emilio the letter written by Charley. He pretends he found it in an old book in the library. Charley watches Emilio as he cries while reading the letter and has a breakthrough.

The police finally decide to do their work and thoroughly check the abandoned house. In doing so, they find what looks like a weapon with blood on it.

Sheriff Baxter visits Sandra and tells her about the discovery of a murder weapon. He points out that they have already arrested a person of interest – an employee at the school. It turns out to be Mr South, while the police believe Maddie was killed because of the money she supposedly took from Mr Anderson. Sandra is heartbroken and Nicole does her best to comfort her.

As the part wraps up, Charley makes Maddie realize she has neglected Wally. He advises her to focus on Wally so Maddie takes his advice and searches for him. She eventually finds Wally and apologizes before kissing him.

Unfortunately, Simon didn’t have a great night and is popping balloons in a corner. He spots Maddie and they overhear the principal talking about Mr South’s arrest in relation to her disappearance. Concurrently, Rhonda goes to the basement and frantically looks for something.

The episode ends with Maddie’s mom turning to the bottle for some solace while Nicole suspiciously buries something as it rains heavily.

The Episode Review

I am growing more suspicious of Nicole, what is she hiding? I am also curious about Rhonda, what was she frantically looking for in the basement?

Xavier might be right to believe in Claire’s innocence; I don’t think she killed Maddie. We are coming close to the end of the show and I have more questions. I doubt Mr South hurt Maddie, and once again, the police in this town prove how incompetent they can be.

I hope Maddie moves on with Wally as they do make a nice couple. Wally has been supportive and helpful and we also know he has a big crush on her, maybe they can be an endgame couple!

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