School Spirits – Season 1 Episode 4 “Ghoul Intentions” Recap & Review

Ghoul Intentions

Episode 4 of School Spirits starts with Mr Anderson giving the class an exam. Maddie also happens to be in the room, trying to get his phone passcode. Simon tries to ignore her as she rants about not being able to check Mr Anderson’s phone. As soon as the exam is over, Simon rushes out of class.

In the meantime, Mr Martin and the other ghosts are brainstorming about fun activities to enjoy on the weekend. Maddie joins them and tells them she is looking into Mr Anderson and asks if any of the ghosts have seen anything.  Unfortunately, no one has useful information and the discussion goes back to the weekend activities.

Maddie asks if maybe the other ghosts have seen anything. Rhonda advises her that it will be a bad idea to talk to the other ghosts. The other ghosts are still in a loop, replaying their last day and it might be dangerous to trigger them. Maddie thinks Dawn might know something but Rhonda says she is a dead end.

Simon and Nicole meet in the hallway and she still believes Maddie is alive. She feels Simon has been ghosting her instead of helping her find Maddie. Simon tries to explain that he has been talking to Maddie’s ghost. Nicole thinks he is simply grieving and is intent on going to Maddie’s favourite festival later that night. She thinks Maddie will be there and they can all reunite. She recruits Xavier to help.

Concurrently, Simon steals Mr Anderson’s phone and is almost caught when Mr Anderson pings his phone. He throws it away and manages to escape the nosy grief counsellor who keeps trying to forcibly help him.

Later, Nicole does an interview with Claire for the journalism club.  She finds Claire’s answer about her feelings on the upcoming homecoming to be triggering. Clair used the opportunity to act like she cares about Maddie’s return and Nicole close her out for it. Claire starts crying and claims that she and Maddie used to be friends. She is hoping Maddie will come back safely. After the interview, Claire tries to be friendly to Nicole but fails. Nicole notices that Claire seemed exceptionally cold towards Xavier and wonders why.

On the other side of the school, Rhonda, Wally and Charley try to help Maddie narrow down a ghost that is likely to help her.  They are surprised when Simon barges in and informs Maddie they need to talk. They realize that Maddie can talk to the living and follow them to the bus stop and listens to their conversation.

Simon is spiralling and feels like things are getting out of hand with Mr Anderson. Maddie asks him to try and talk to someone like his parents or the police. Simon thinks that is a bad idea and no one will believe he can talk to her ghost. They decide to leave Mr Anderson’s phone where Simon threw it. Simon changes his mind and decides to speak to the principal. He tells the principal about the evidence he found and Mr Anderson. The principal decides to call the police.

Rhonda feels betrayed that Maddie didn’t tell her she can talk to Simon and that Charley knew about it.  The three of them start fighting and Maddie leaves them and heads to the theatre to find a ghost called Mina. Mina thinks she is still part of the school play and spends her days preparing for the show so she doesn’t offer any help. Maddie leaves her and accidentally comes across a devil mascot sticker that she doesn’t recognize.

Maddie runs into Dawn in the theatre and asks her if she saw anything suspicious relating to Mr Anderson. Dawn tells her she saw nothing and offers to help her talk to the bus crash kids. Maddie interrupts the bus crash kids’ rehearsal but they don’t offer her any help. She however notices they are wearing the same

On the other hand,  Rhonda and Wally wonder why only Maddie can speak to Simon. They spend the whole day watching him. Sadly, Simon is taken away by the police for questioning. Maddie tries to talk to him and find out what is happening but he is unable to hear her.

Away from school, Nicole vents to Xavier about her frustration with Claire. She notices that Xavier is too quiet and asks him what happened between him and Claire. On their way to the festival, Xavier admits the truth about his relationship with Claire. Nicole gets mad and blames him for Maddie leaving. She asks him to stay in the car while she tries to ask the people at the festival if they have seen Maddie.

Everyone responds that they have not seen Maddie.  Xavier ignores her request and leaves the car to help her. He confesses that he is feeling guilty and sorry for hurting Maddie. After Nicole comes down, she admits that she is having a hard time believing Maddie is gone.

At the police station, Simon finds himself in trouble as evidence points to him knowing more than he claimed to know. The police have the piece of Maddie’s phone that Simon found in the auto shop and gave to Mr Anderson.

The police ask him why he gave the piece of evidence to Mr Anderson and Simon says at the time he thought he could trust the teacher. The police are operating on the theory that Maddie ran away after planning to frame her teacher for her disappearance.

Meanwhile, back at school, Charley tries to comfort Maddie after Simon’s arrest. She is feeling powerless and Charley can understand her. Charley opens up about his former crush Emilio who is now a teacher at the school. Emilio was a transfer student and from the beginning, he was kind and considerate to Charley.

Charley couldn’t help but fall for him. Unfortunately, he accidentally outed Charley to his parents and they had a fallout. Charley never got to tell Emilio that he forgave him before passing away.  As they talk, Maddie finds a clue about why the schools changed the mascot’s uniform.

According to Rhonda, Wally changed after the bus crash. She promises to tell the other ghosts the truth about her ability to speak to Simon but Rhonda and Wally ask her to keep it a secret.

Maddie decides they should find some flowers and gift them to Mina. Mina tells Maddie about Mr Anderson’s secret workshop at the theatre.

Maddie finds Simon who is back at the school to get Mr Anderson’s phone and turn it in. He tells Maddie that the police think he helped her escape. Maddie tells him about Mr Anderson’s secret workshop and Simon confronts the teacher during a faculty meeting.

It turns out Mr Anderson has been taking money from the school to buy new uniforms for the students. However, he has only been switching the mascot stickers in the retired uniforms and parading them as new uniforms while pocketing the money.  Mr Anderson is taken for questioning about the uniforms.

Maddie and Simon watch him being taken away and Maddie wonders if she died because of the uniform scandal. Simon does his best to comfort her and she asks him to go and rest. Rhonda watches their interaction and feels sad and angry. She asks Mr Martin to help her cross over to the beyond.  On the other hand, Maddie offers to pass Charley’s message to Emilio.

The episode ends with Maddie realizing that Dawn knows everyone’s phone passcode. She rushes to tell Simon before he leaves. They check Mr Anderson’s phone and it turns out he called Claire the night he was frantic about the money.

The Episode Review

I can understand where Rhonda is coming from. It has been 60 years and it must have taken a toll on her. I wonder how Mr Martin helped Janet and what he will do for Rhonda.

The mystery continues to thicken as Claire is introduced to the fold. What was she doing with Mr Anderson? It has to be something illegal but how did they come to work together and what does she know about Maddie’s death? I didn’t buy her fake tears during her interview with Nicole. I also suspect that Xavier knows something.

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