School Spirits – Season 1 Episode 3 “Dead and Confused” Recap & Review

Dead and Confused

Episode 3 of School Spirits starts with Maddie following Mr Anderson and Simon to the parking lot. Mr Anderson wants Simon to go back home and not tell anyone about their earlier conversation. Simon asks what he was doing there but Mr Anderson refuses to answer. As she watches Anderson driving off, Maddie hazily recalls an accident that happened.

Maddie’s mom, Sandra visits Sheriff Baxter at his home and accuses him of overlooking Maddie’s case. Baxter assures her they are doing their best with limited resources and she leaves. Xavier also decides to go back to school against his dad’s wishes. As expected, the other students are not thrilled to see him back.

At school, Maddie is confused that Simon thinks Mr Anderson has something to do with her death. She confesses that she is close to Mr Anderson and he once gave her his number. Simon is surprised to hear of this friendship and asks Maddie to watch Mr Anderson. She is also happy that she found another spot in the school where she and Simon can communicate.

In a flashback, Maddie remembers how Mr Anderson reached out to her and shared about his alcoholic dad. She felt like he understood her predicament with her mom and that was when he gave her his number.

Simon meets with Nicole and asks if she finds it strange that Mr Anderson gave Maddie his number. He tells her that something is off about the teacher and Nicole mentions his car. Simon recruits Nicole to help him sneak into his class and steal Mr Anderson’s car keys. He searches the car and is shaken to find the phone piece that he gave Mr Anderson. He questions why Mr Anderson never gave the police such key evidence and his suspicions grow.

Meanwhile, Maddie meets with the usual ghosts at the Afterlife Support Group Meeting and Mr Richard suggests a field day. A field day for the ghost means they get to let out their frustrations by smashing things around the school. Maddie has a lot of pent-up tension given that she is trying to solve her murder from the grave and just had a fight with Simon about Mr Anderson.

Maddie is not happy that Simon searched Mr Anderson’s car and can’t believe he killed her. She remembers when he helped her cover up an accident her mom caused when drunk. She sees him as her saviour and Simon is angry that she called Mr Anderson instead of him to help her after the accident. Simon feels like Maddie has been hiding a lot of things from him and Maddie accuses him of not trusting her. She gets angry and tells him she will solve the murder on her own and doesn’t need his help.

The field day helps Maddie get rid of some of her frustration, and after talking to Rhonda (who was killed by her guidance counsellor in the school), she realizes she might be wrong about Mr Anderson.

Concurrently, Nicole gets a message from Maddie’s phone and she thinks he found out where Maddie is hiding. She rushes out to their old hideout and doesn’t notice Xavier following her. Unfortunately, when she gets to the hideout,  she doesn’t find Maddie. She is also initially scared of Xavier but he convinces her that he means no harm. They chat and she starts believing that he might be innocent.

He encourages her to reconnect with Sandra, Maddie’s mom and join them in searching the woods. Nicole is into painting and Maddie was the only one who encouraged her to pursue her dreams and she misses her deeply. Their search in the woods gives them a lead. They find Maddie’s ticket and her boot prints.

Back at school, Simon asks Mr Anderson why he has not turned in the evidence. Mr Anderson tells him that he doesn’t trust the police and is protecting him too. He argues that the police might suspect Simon if he keeps getting evidence.

After her conversation with Rhonda, Maddie goes to the library and checks out past yearbooks. She discovers that Mr Anderson’s class is the same room Rhonda was killed in. She digs deeper and learns that she can communicate with Simon in places where former students were killed. Simon tells her that the rooms and areas where kids died are called the scars of the school.

They make up and Maddie admits she was wrong to blindly trust Mr Anderson. She asks Simon for his help, and they wait for after school hours and sneak into Mr Anderson’s class. Mr Anderson returns to the class and Simon is forced to hide.

They listen in on Mr Anderson‘s phone call where he tells the other party that they should do things his way moving forward. He says he regrets giving Maddie money, but Maddie doesn’t remember asking him for cash. When Mr Anderson leaves, they find a hidden save in his classroom containing bundles of money.

The Episode Review

The ticket and the boot prints seem to be staged. How is it that they are only finding it now? Didn’t they search that area during the vigil and the search party they organized?

Mr Anderson seems to definitely be involved in the murder of Maddie but who is his accomplice and what money is he talking about?

I also find it strange that the police and the community are not looking for Maddie, and you can tell they’re definitely not taking it seriously enough. They haven’t even found Maddie’s body! We would be able to know more if they were vigilant in solving this case, but hopefully we’ll get more clues in the next episode.

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