School Spirits – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review &Ending Explained

Madison’s Body

Episode 8 of School Spirits starts with Maddie sitting on the rooftop wondering if her mom killed her and why. In the meantime, Simon is checking Maddie’s room at her house to see if Sandra hid the money there. He finds the envelope Sandra hid among Maddie’s things the day prior.

It turns out that the envelope didn’t have money in, but actually Maddie’s necklace. Maddie questions how her mom found it, as she works with Simon to figure out if her mum really did kill her.

Elsewhere, Xavier, Nicole and Claire debate whether they should confess everything they know to the police. In the end, they decide only to confess when they have evidence to back up their story and prove the janitor is innocent.

What happened to Mr Martin?

Still at school, the ghosts have a meeting and they want to know why they didn’t feel different when Janet crossed over. Mr Martin maintains that he can’t explain what happened, and the constant questions annoy him, as he loses his patience and shouts at the kid.

Mr Martin does eventually calm down and explains what happened the day he died. He was a teacher and a fire broke out. He managed to save everyone except himself, and he’s hoping he won’t fail the kids this time. He points out that he has been trying to help them for the past 60 years but he also doesn’t have all the answers and Rhonda agrees that he has been helpful.

In class, Simon hears from a teacher that Maddie was meant to receive an award. He decides to use this opportunity to invite Sandra to school to accept it on her behalf.

How does Xavier find a new lead?

At the police station, Xavier tries to talk to his dad about Mr South. He has told his father many times that the teacher was with him on the day of Maddie’s disappearance. They get into another fight after Xavier calls his dad out for his incompetence. Before leaving, Xavier takes a photo of a new lead the police recently discovered, including an address to a house. Of course, he takes Nicole and Claire with him.

When they arrive, they notice the house looks like someone broke into it. Claire insists they stake out the house to see who stops by.

In the meantime, Charley talks with Rhonda about her recent lack of interest in crossing over. He questions why she is not asking more questions. He thinks Rhonda is struggling with something but she refuses to talk to him about it, leading to a fight between them.

Charley recruits Wally to find out more about Janet’s death. They go through old school files and talk about wanting to say goodbye before crossing over. They soon find an article about Janet’s death and are shocked to learn that she died with Mr Martin in the accidental fire that broke out in the lab. They realize Mr Martin lied about being the only casualty.

Did Sandra kill Maddie?

Finally, Sandra stops by to receive Maddie’s award. Simon takes her to the classroom where Maddie’s spirit is present.  Simon tries to smoothly approach Sandra to find out what she knows about Maddie’s death. Sandra starts to leave, as Simon asks her about the necklace.

Sandra saw Maddie that day. They fought over her using Maddie’s college fund to invest in some cabin development deal. Maddie was also not pleased about Sandra refusing to go to rehab, and she’s more disappointed to learn her mom didn’t think about how hard her life has been and that college was her escape.

She tells her that she has been failing as a mom and the money was the only thing her dad left for her. Sandra had no right to use the money, so Maddie, in anger, threw the necklace at her. After her mom left, Maddie stayed back in the basement crying her eyes out.

Maddie starts to remember the events of that day too, acknowledging to Simon that her mom didn’t kill her.

Soon, the award ceremony starts and Sandra gives a heartfelt speech about Maddie and what a great daughter she was. She speaks of her regret as a mom and starts crying on the podium. Maddie listens to the speech and is moved, while Mr Martin approaches and says she is lucky she got a goodbye. Maddie tells him that she is ready to say goodbye too and write her obituary.

Who is the hooded figure?

Away from school, Nicole and Claire continue to fight and Xavier points out they all did something wrong to Maddie. In order to redeem themselves, they need to find evidence. They decide to go into the house and check it out, while Claire stays behind to be their getaway driver if the need arises.

A few minutes later, she notices a hooded figure getting into the house. She rushes in to alert Nicole and Xavier. Xavier tries to stop the hooded figure but is unable to do so. The stranger gets into their car and drives off after hitting Xavier. Nicole takes her phone out to record the car driving away and is shocked to see Maddie’s face. Maddie is the hooded figure driving away. However, their first priority is Xavier who is injured.

What is Mr Martin hiding?

Following their discovery, Charley and Wally decide to dig further and head to the basement to find more evidence. They find Mr Martin’s notebooks and their obituaries. It seems Mr Martin has been documenting their death and studying how they coped in the afterlife. They also find another article on the fire. According to the article, Mr Martin was the one who originally caused the fire. Rhonda finds them and admits that she started suspecting Mr Martin when Maddie became a ghost.

She started following him and found out that Mr Martin has been hounding the objects the kids had when they died. Wally and Charley are shocked and Rhonda says she won’t be a victim of a disturbed teacher again. As they talk, someone locks them in and although they try to open the door, they fail to do so.

How Does School Spirits End?

Meanwhile, Simon hears back from his other friend, Nicole, and heads off to find Maddie. She tells him about writing her obituary and asks if she can read it to him. It is a beautiful and raw obituary and Maddie admits that she loves Simon. He has been a reliable friend who has loved her unconditionally and that is probably why he is the only one who can see her. She thanks him for being there through everything in life and death.

Simon breaks down and shows her the video that Nicole recorded. It clearly shows Maddie driving off in Xavier’s truck. Simon thinks that Maddie’s ghost is a coping mechanism he is using to deal with Maddie running away. He thinks that he has lost his mind and Maddie is actually still alive. Maddie tries to convince him otherwise but he hurriedly leaves crying. Maddie tries to chase after him but ends up in the basement, where she hears Charley, Wally and Rhonda calling for help.

Maddie finally starts to remember what happened to her that fateful day she disappeared. She also heard someone asking for help in the basement then, too. She went to open the door and saw Mr Martin arguing with Janet. Before she can make sense of what was happening, Janet ran into her. The force was so strong it threw her back, making her hit the wall behind her hard.

Back in the present, Charley, Rhonda and Wally warn Maddie that she can’t trust Mr Martin. She sees him standing on the stairs in the basement spotting an angry look.

Outside school, Janet – who is in Maddie’s body – buys a bus ticket out of town. She sees a missing poster of Maddie and throws it away.

The Episode Review

That was a lot to digest in the last few minutes. Our suspicion was right, Mr Martin was sketchy from the beginning, and I wonder what else he is hiding. He probably knows more about how the ghost world and the living exist. I feel bad for the kids though, as they trusted him to guide them and he has been using them as lab rats to kill his boredom and hide his secrets.

It is exciting to know Maddie’s body is still alive. Technically, she didn’t die but was possessed, so does this mean that Maddie can get back her body and live? Will she remember her adventure in the land of the afterlife?

Poor Simon though, it must be hard for him. He has even begun to question his sanity and his whole world is crashing around him once again. I hope he stays on the course and helps Maddie find answers. Hearing them talk about how much they love each other was heartbreaking. I know Wally is sweet and caring but wouldn’t it be great if Maddie and Simon dated?

This was quite an enjoyable series, with twists abound right up to the very end. Did you enjoy this one as much as we did? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Hi Anita . Technically, that is not Maddie but Janet. Janet’s spirit is using Maddie’s body. As for the real Maddie, her spirit is still stuck in a limbo

  2. How was Maddie able to leave school property to be physically driving truck away from the house ? Who’s house was it anyway ? Janet ?

  3. I love the mini series of school spirit all through the episode it keeps you guessing what really happened to Maddie I hope they make season two

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