Schmigadoon! – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Something Real

Episode 4 of Schmigadoon Season 2 starts with Josh and Mel heading back to their car…where they find the wheels are gone and their car is a mess. On the way out of Schmicago, the narrator interjects and points out that Mel is in denial over how much fun this place actually has been for her. And naturally, they’re stuck here.

The narrator laughs mockingly, telling the pair that being acquitted for murder is not enough for them to leave. They need to figure this out for themselves.

Josh believes that they need to help the other people in Schmicago get happy, and of course this happy ending will come from taking out Octavius. They haven’t figured this out yet though, and instead Mel believes the key is Dooley the Butcher, whom if they sort out and make happy, will extrapolate out to everyone else, including his daughter Jenny.

Mel’s attempt to broach the subject to Jenny doesn’t go well, given she nonchalantly shrugs it off and claims that her father is dead. Josh decides they should try and channel in the positive vibes, and that comes from visiting Topher and his gang. The pair encourage him to concoct a story about a missing father but all the pressure and suggestions are too much and Topher quits the story. So naturally, the spotlight turns to Josh, who comes up with a song that doesn’t beat around the bush – Jenny needs to talk to her father.

Instead, Jenny finds companionship in Topher, who opens up to her that night and points out he has insecurities. Specifically over how people like the idea of him rather than the real him. Jenny feels the same way about being on stage. Naturally, the pair feel like they have something real together and kiss in their tent together.

Melissa notices this occur through their silhouette and believes they should use cupid’s arrow on Dooley. Specifically on him falling in love with Miss Coddwell. They think this could well be the way to get her happy. And so Josh and Mel get involved and set them up that night, with Dooley deciding to eat with his cleaver in a hilariously awkward meal.

Coddwell invites Dooley up for a nightcap, where Miss Coddwell has trained the orphans to tend the bar. Miss Coddwell suggests they come to a mutual agreement, given Dooley is struggling to get enough meat for the butchers and she’s sick and tired of the orphans. So as a result, they decide to kill the kids and sell them as meat… as you do.

Melissa and Josh happen to watch from the other side of the window, unaware of exactly what they’re singing, and believe they’ve got their happy ending. Unfortunately, we’re far from that!

The Episode Review

The midway point of Schmigadoon sees everything slow down quite considerably, as this chapter almost feels like a filler in some ways, as our characters move from one set piece to the next, attempting to leave Schmicago after trying so hard to get here.

Their plan to make everyone else happy is going to blow up in their faces too, especially if that last musical number between Dooley and Coddwell is anything to go by.

While it’s not a bad episode per-se, it’s not a particularly gripping or engrossing one either, which is a bit of a shame.

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