Schmigadoon! – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Bells and Whistles

Episode 3 of Schmigadoon season 2 starts with wanted posters going up all over town for Josh. As for Melissa, she scrambles back to see Bobbie, pointing out the notebook she’s found. Bobbie shrugs it off though, revealing the poster and promising to get Josh back regardless. She does point out though that his prison break makes it more difficult to get him exonerated.

As for Melissa, she’s tasked with following up on the notebook and attempting to find what’s up with 17 Quick Street. When she arrives in town, she quickly discovers that this actually happens to be the Butcher Shop. She talks to the Butcher about Elsie inside, but he’s distraught when he finds out she’s dead.

As further plot revelations are unveiled, we learn that this man is actually Jenny’s dad! He’s not happy with “the rich man”, whom we (and Melissa) quickly suss out is Octavius. His grievance comes from Octavius killing his wife. The man wants revenge, and Melissa believes that Octavius could also have killed Elsie too. Before leaving, Melissa suggests he reach out to Jenny but he refuses, telling her she needs to stay silent about the fact he’s out of prison and back in town.

Meanwhile, Josh is having the time of his life. He’s off with the hippies and Topher, and Josh even has hair now too! He’s initiated into their tribe, which Topher claims doubles up as a social justice troupe, getting naked and fighting back against “the man”. As Josh starts eating the drugged bread, he chills and mellows out. However, Melissa shows up and confronts him about the prison break.

Josh shrugs it off, claiming that he was peer pressured into it. Melissa convinces him to head back to town, where they arrive in court only to be mesmerized by Bobbie’s big entry. She shows up in a gold and black get-up and immediately turns heads. She sings about her comprehensive knowledge of the law and how she needs to be seen as not guilty. In the end, Josh is found not guilty!

However, there’s another twist in the tale to come. Octavius is not happy when he finds out and doubles down on trying to take Josh out. This time, by killing two birds with one stone – that being going after Melissa and Josh together.

The Episode Review

So another episode of Schmigadoon comes and goes, with plenty of singing and dancing throughout and a few memorable moments. The sheer ease at which Josh is found not guilty here and how that plot point is wrapped up is a little disappointing, although it could come back around in the upcoming chapters, especially with Octavius now doubling down on his intent to see them put behind bars.

There’s some good nods to musicals of old, with the butcher channeling that Sweeney Todd feel while Chicago influences are felt all over this, for obvious reasons!

While this chapter hasn’t been quite as entertaining and enthralling as the previous episodes we’ve seen, there’s plenty here to enjoy all the same.

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