Schmigadoon! – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Cross That Bridge

Episode 3 of Schmigadoon Season 1 begins with the cracks beginning to show in Josh and Melissa’s relationship. We’re in the months leading up to their musical venture, as they attend Nicole and Eddie’s wedding.

There, Melissa probes her partner about the idea of marriage. Josh certainly doesn’t take the hint though and instead has her pick the three worst moments of the night instead.

Back in Schmigadoon, Melissa awakens to find Danny has made her food. He’s also got a big announcement to make too – he’s found the one, which immediately sends Melissa reeling. When Danny sings about having a baby, things take a hilariously satirical turn.

In town though, everyone is buzzing with Betsy’s engagement. She even has a ring too, although Josh pulls Melissa aside and admits he only did so because someone had a shotgun to his face.

Melissa sees the funny side of things, especially when she comments how under-written females were in early musicals. Betsy however, simply fawns over her ring.

However, the pair come under fire by the Mothers against the Future. They’re kicked out the inn by Mildred and left reeling over what to do next.

Well, Josh decides to take Betsy up to the bridge in order to prove true love. Predictably it doesn’t work, so Josh calls off the engagement… to Betsy anyway.

Instead, Josh lines up all the other girls ready to try and cross the bridge back home. As one may have guessed by now, it doesn’t work.

Josh shows up at church where he speaks to the Reverend. However, Emma stops by to drop off a picnic basket which immediately piques Josh’s interest. Perhaps she’s the one?

Elsewhere, Melissa  stops by the doctor’s, intent on taking up a nurse’s position in town. When she gets there though she meets the absolute hunk, Doc Lopez. Well, things are about to get very interesting!

The Episode Review

Schmigadoon returns this week with another great episode, this time leaning into the musical numbers while seeing Josh and Melissa off on their own as newly-found singletons. Their interactions with the different townsfolk allows the show to work in a slightly different vibe this week, with nods to classical musicals thrown in for good measure.

These blasts to the past have easily been some of the best work in Schmigadoon while the lively ensemble numbers pave way for more intimate numbers that allow Melissa to get into her groove. Josh, of course, begrudgingly stays on the fringes of these songs.

You can tell the pair are likely to end up together by the end, but despite the obviousness of the plot this musical is a colourful, vibrant series that’s well worth its weight in gold.

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