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There’s something magical about a good wedding. From seeing all your friends and family gathered together to share in your big day to everything slotting into place just at the right moment, a happy wedding really does live in your memory for the rest of your life. For these 8 different couples, their dream weddings are brought to fruition thanks to wedding gurus Thai, Gabriele and Jeremiah.

The show instantly has some similarities to Netflix’s other make-over show Queer Eye but the format here is obviously tailored toward weddings instead. Each episode begins with an introduction to our couples in question before seeing the trio work their magic to deliver the perfect big day for them. Thai is the fashion maestro and in charge of dresses and suits, Gabriele overlooks the catering and reception duties while Jeremiah is in charge of the decor. Together, they work with the bride and groom to transform the venue, food and everythign in between to their liking. All of this attention to detail is topped off with a beautiful combination of tears, laughter and heartwarming segments that are sure to melt even the iciest of hearts.

If there’s one blemish here though it comes from the overall tone of the series. At times, Say I Do steers into seriously poignant waters and if you’re not prepared for that, the show can definitely catch you off guard. There’s more than one moment of the bride or various families crying and some of the gut-wrenching stories these different couples share about their past are quite difficult to listen to. However, these moments are deliberate and only make that final reveal of the wedding coming together that much more sweeter.

The trio in charge of wedding duties are instantly likable too and very easy to gravitate toward. Their chemistry with one another feels natural and there’s an ebb and flow between each episode which is helped by some montage segments to break everything up. These help to segment each of the episodes into different days, with a countdown before the wedding helping to crescendo into that all-important big day and walk down the aisle.

The couples here go all-out to make their big day as unique and memorable as possible to their own experiences. From a 20’s themed wedding to an absolutely show-stopping black dress (and it truly is breathtaking), there’s a lot of variety here that makes it almost impossible not to jump into the next episode and keep watching. Personally, my favourite episode comes from Jonathan and Jason’s Christmas-themed wedding but given the sheer breadth of difference shown through the episodes and weddings on offer, your favourite episode is likely to differ.

On the surface, Say I Do looks like a typical, over the top reality show that ramps up the drama and plays on shocks and contrived choices like Don’t Tell The Bride. Thankfully, Say I Do isn’t that kind of show and there’s a raw honesty that’s injected through this one that keeps things feeling very organic and real. Although the backstories for each of the different couples can be quite heavy and err on the side of melodramatic at times, there’s actually a reason behind doing this. Understanding the struggles these couples have been through and the rawness of their pain makes that final wedding day that much more meaningful to watch. I really hope Netflix renew this with a resounding “I do,” because there’s a lot to like with this.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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