Saw X (2023) Movie Review – A gruesome return to form for the Jigsaw Killer

Jigsaw is Back

The Saw franchise has been going for nearly twenty years now and has shown plenty of signs of stopping, but somehow manages to keep plodding along. When John Kramer (Tobin Bell) died in Saw III, it felt like the end was near for the gruesome horror franchise. But it kept going with four more entries in consecutive years, with Saw: The Final Chapter in 2010 hinting that the series was finally done with the horror-induced murder traps.

However, it returned in 2017 with another chapter, titled Jigsaw, and the franchise was reborn. A spin-off called Spiral followed four years later, and now we have Saw X. The newest entry takes us back in time, as a prequel and direct sequel to the first Saw film.

The Jigsaw Killer, John Kramer, is dying of cancer, and he’s hopeful of a new treatment to save his life. When he discovers that it’s all a big lie, he sets out on a revenge mission to punish the doctor who promised him more time. 

This movie is an improvement on every Saw entry in the series from the third onward, with the focus being put back on the original Jigsaw Killer. It comes in as the longest in the franchise at nearly two hours, allowing for some interesting character development. However, the bar was set pretty low with the previous entries, meaning this new movie isn’t exactly a classic, but fans of the franchise will be entertained nevertheless.

Saw X still possesses the gruesome edge that made it a sleeper hit way back in 2004, but it does dial back a bit on the violence seen in the many sequels, choosing to focus on the storyline and adding context to the overarching narrative. Don’t expect this to be the last we see of the Jigsaw Killer. 


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  • Verdict - 7/10

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