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Home Sweet Home

Following Jody being saved, episode 5 of Save Me Too begins with the pub erupting into celebrations for Nelly. He talks to various people around the pub, including Melon whom he asks for help. He hands him the stolen phone from the lady who took Jody and asks Melon to find out what secrets it holds. As the celebrations wear on, it’s all too much for Nelly who finds himself spinning out and unable to stop crying.

With Jody now back, Nelly bins his old coat and replaces it with the new one (a symbolic sign of renewed hope perhaps?). Tam meanwhile heads back home and tells Grace she needs to sleep as with Jody now back, Nelly needs time to process what’s happened so she needs to be patient. Only, Nelly isn’t able to sleep and he sneaks out in the middle of the night, desperate to find clues surrounding those who took Jody originally.

In the morning, Shola heads to Claire’s house and asks for Jody’s help in finding those responsible. She silently walks away and refuses to engage with them. Instead, she finds herself in hospital undergoing numerous tests but still not speaking. As her clothes are removed, numerous bruises cover her body, prompting Claire to comfort her daughter as best she can while also learning she’s been exposed to HIV and a slew of STDs as well.

As she continues to be examined, Jody’s silent reaction to what’s happening speaks volumes as a devastating and powerful montage reveals the true horror she’s been exposed to. Eventually she’s released and allowed to come home.

While Grace phones Nelly, telling him to hurry up and come over, Dillon suddenly screams from the garden as Jody throws herself in the pool with the sun lounger.

Jody is taken back into hospital again following this suicide attempt where Nelly finds himself conflicted over whether to stay or go – eventually settling on staying with Jody. When she wakes up, Nelly tells her how sorry he is that it was him who found her, believing Jody to be better off without him in her life.

Meanwhile, Grace runs out of patience and leaves Tam’s apartment. She comes into contact with Samson on the way out and leads him up onto the roof, where he dangles precariously over the edge. Nelly learns what’s happening and races out the hospital, conflicted over exactly what to do.

When Zita catches wind of this she panics as the police arrive at the scene. Realizing where Grace is, Nelly scrambles up to the roof with Tam. The police follow him up too, and while Nelly manages to convince Grace to leave Samson, the officers take this opportunity to arrest Grace.

As the episode closes out, Jody utters her first words in hospital, “I want my dad, where is he?”

With a powerful montage in the middle of this episode and the aftermath of what happened to Jody rippling right the way across the 50 minutes of drama, we see the true devastation and impact of Jody’s sexual abuse come to the foreground here. It’s such a powerful moment in this series and the wise move to mute the audio and just focus on Jody’s facial expressions during this time speaks volumes.

Of course, the bigger problem here stems from that of Grace. With Jody now back in the picture this troubled young lady, whom Nelly was clearly using as a substitute to his daughter, is now stuck in a precarious position which Nelly finds himself responsible for. Of course, in an ideal world Nelly would probably admit to the police that Grace did kill Gideon but it was self defence and try to save her that way but this wild chase to try and find Paul, get him to the ground, open his hand, put the knife in his hand, close his hand and hope to get out without any cameras seeing this or the police getting involved seems very far-fetched and an ill-conceived plan destined to fail.

Still, we’ll have to wait and see how this finally plays out but despite a few plot inconsistencies, the episode itself is a powerful and devastating slice of drama and certainly the stand out of the entire season.

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