Save Me Too – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Journey’s End

Episode 4 of Save Me Too begins with truths being revealed. It turns out Gideon promised Grace £1000 if she sat in the caravan waiting for Nelly with chains around her ankle. As she relays this story to Nelly, we see her stabbing Gideon numerous times after he scoffs at the idea of giving her the money he promised.

In the morning, Grace packs her things and leaves while Zita tells Nelly he needs to leave too, especially given she doesn’t want her son Samson exposed to this anymore. Back at Nelly’s apartment, Grace shows him the bloodied knife she used to kill Gideon. As he looks at it, he asks her just who Paul is but before they can continue, Shola knocks on the front door.

Nelly begrudgingly invites Shola inside and while Grace hides under the bed, Nelly tells her he wants everything done properly, promising to come in to the police station and admit to everything he’s done. As she leaves, Nelly gets Grace out of hiding and tells her he’s going to pin the murder on Paul, somehow tracking the man down and getting the knife into his hand if possible.

Blinded by his affection to Jody, Nelly heads up to Tam’s and spins this story that it was Paul who murdered Gideon. Nelly asks him to help and after some time, eventually allows Grace to stay.

At the pub, Nelly lies to Stace and asks to stay at hers after admitting that Grace wasn’t the one behind the murder. At the same time, Goz gets ready to leave the house and help Nelly but instead Daisy switches roles and sees Nelly instead. Halfway to his destination, Nelly realizes that he can’t endanger his friends anymore and decides to head off alone to prevent them getting hurt.

Nelly visits Gideon’s old addresses, following Grace’s cues, but finding nothing he phones through and admits that the address he’s at now holds no evidence to use. With nothing to go on, Nelly contemplates what to do next.

Nelly finds himself distracted by Jody’s ghost again, stalking him everywhere he goes. Following another clue, he heads to an apartment complex where he sees Jody standing in the bathroom. Although he initially writes this off as seeing another vision, something compels him to head back in and check. Telling the woman inside to calm down, he eventually winds up striking her in the face. 

After knocking her out cold, Nelly turns around and finds himself face to face with Jody. Only, she’s not herself and stares blankly into the distance. As the episode closes out, Nelly drops Jody off at Claire’s house where he watches this hollow shell of his daughter head in to safety.

With a big twist and even more questions raised over what happens next, Save Me Too finally answers the mystery around whether Jody is alive or not. Quite what horrors she’s had to endure remain a secret for now but given how shocked and paralyzed she is, the truth is bound to be pretty horrific. Still, there’s plenty to like about this drama and the shocking climax will almost certainly see you jump straight into the next episode.

While Nelly’s far-fetched plan to pin Gideon’s murder on Paul is a bit of a stretch, especially given how calculated and driven he’s been to pursue Jody, there’s enough within this to keep you watching through regardless. More importantly though, what happened to Jody? And who are the people who took her? Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long to find out the truth but for now, things are left wide open for the final two episodes.

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3 thoughts on “Save Me Too – Episode 4 Recap & Review”

  1. Loved the series but I don’t understand where Nelly got the address from where he found Jody?

    Was this on the list of addresses that Gideon’s wife had supplied?

  2. Who is the woman in the apartment when Lenny finds Jody??
    Have we seen her and the red car she was loading in a previous episode??
    This is bugging me something rotten. Amazing show, gripping, chilling. Can’t breath, can’t blink.

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