Savage Hands – Rock Bottom | Album Review

Track Listing

Angel Dust
Black Clouds
Rock Bottom


Darkness shrouds everything that has colour, and on this EP, Savage Hands search for the light and for a cure to their misery. A collection that examines sanity, Rock Bottom provides songs which draw out the emotions and drags out the demons from their comfortable space.

Totally enigmatic, this record is catchy but there’s a underlying theme burning to break through. The band hurt, there is no denying that, and they’ve travelled through life battered and bruised while trying to shrug off the recurring pain.

Musically, the EP adorns great guitar moments, and the lyrics are fierce, telling us that the world is derailing. The arrangements here are also great, with the melodies committing to the sound. From the start, there’s a rush of thunderous instrumentals, and a voice of reason that rallies home the meaning of depression.

5 songs make up which starts with ‘Black Clouds’, producing an unnerving twist, and breakneck guitars. The screams increase the atmosphere, and the lyrics are unsettling. It’s a massive opening.

‘Halo’ opens with rousing vocals and an acoustic chime until the riff augments. Lyrically, the band describes sad moments, and the lack of spirit. To close out the EP, ‘Smile’ is a lyrically driven song, and it’s intelligent, spreading a gracious sound even when the darkness imposes. The band shows they’re good at writing emotive tracks.

Savage Hands try to fix their world but it’s coming undone, though their music has the emotion to connect to the people.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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