Santo – Season 1 Episode 2 “Eyelids” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Santo starts with Agent Cardona waking up in the hospital. He is shocked to see his appearance in the mirror, especially because he has Santo’s marks on his eyelids. He doesn’t take this well and tries to escape. On the way out, he’s stopped and sedated.

After he calms down, Cardona is taken in for questioning by Agent Millán’s team. It is revealed that he entered Spain on a fake passport and has been missing for six months. Even though he was allegedly taken hostage by Santo, he never got to see his face and Barbara is missing. Cardona is unable to remember the events after his kidnapping.

Agent Millán is frustrated by the fact that Cardona’s memory is unreliable. During the questioning, they show Cardona a wall with bloody writing taken from the place he was held hostage. Cardona remembers the meaning of the writing. It is a celebration by an African king in ancient Dahomey. The king chose victims to sacrifice, decapitated them, and made his people drink the blood for victory.

Agent Millán is still chasing the Norwegians and believes they had Juan killed. His team works on finding Santo’s true identity but they have been unable to get a picture of him. They are also tracking Barbara but they have not been able to find her.

Agent Cardona’s memories are slowly returning to him while he is sleeping. He clearly remembers the moments leading up to his kidnapping and immediately after he was kidnapped. The memories traumatize him and he wakes up before remembering more.

Agent Millán gets a new lead about the Norwegian gang and things seem to look up when the second bike is found. He’s suspicious about why and where the bike was found. He’s about to get some answers but it turns out the bike is a trap; it had a bomb in it and blows up when the forensic team head over to check it.

Agent Millán still has a clue and decides to chase it on his own. His investigations lead him to a hotel downtown and he thinks he has found the Norwegians. He calls Susi for backup but is spotted by a masked man outside the hotel. The man opens fire and Agent Millán runs for his life as he is overpowered.

Agent Cardona chose to go back to Brazil and turned down the offer to work with the Spanish police. He is not sure who he can trust as Santo is well connected and powerful enough to bribe police officers. His instinct may be right as seen in the next flashback. It turns out Barbara was the one who told Santo that they were in Madrid, which led to him being kidnapped.

The Episode Review

Agent Cardona overlooked Barbara’s dedication to Santo. He thought he was saving her life but it appears that Barbara is on Santo’s team. He should have known better than to give her a long leash when they were in hiding. It can also be that he was hoping for Barbara to contact Santo so that they can finally identify him. Hopefully, he will recover his memories soon and get new clues.

Agent Millán is walking on a tightrope and he might soon find himself in deeper trouble. He is taking a lot of risks pursuing the Norwegians by himself. He clearly can’t be straightforward with Susi as she will find out that he is on the take with Juan’s gang. It might come to a point where he will have to choose between his shady secrets and his life.

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