What happened to Sam and Nia Rader? | The Christian couple featured on Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal

Sam and Nia Radar

The new Netflix documentary Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal shines a spotlight on some of those people whose lives were affected by the Ashley Madison hack that occurred in 2015.

The hack, which was orchestrated by somebody calling themselves “The Impact Team” (it’s unclear if this was one person or a group of people) resulted in a massive data breach, wherein the identities of the site’s millions of users were leaked online.

One person whose name was leaked was Sam Rader, a Christian YouTube vlogger based out of Terrell, Texas, who was forced to confess all to his wife Nia after he had been outed on Twitter.

Many marriages dissolved in the wake of the Ashley Madison scandal. But what about Sam and Nia Rader? Did their marriage end? Or are they still together?

Who are Sam and Nia Rader?

Sam and Nia appeared to live the picture-perfect life before the hacking scandal. The couple, who married in 2009, were madly in love with one another. This was clear to all who saw the vlogs on their YouTube channel, where Sam and Nia posted footage of their family’s daily lives.

In 2014, a video of the couple lip-synching to one of the songs from Frozen went viral, amassing over 22 million views. This burst of internet fame was a welcome one but little did Sam know that he was about to become internet famous for a very different reason.

In 2013, before Sam and Nia had their first taste of internet fame, Sam had signed up to Ashley Madison, the website for those looking to commit adultery. This wasn’t the first of Sam’s transgressions, as is revealed in the Netflix documentary, but the 2015 hack was the catalyst for him coming clean about opening an account on the website and other aspects of his sordid past.

Nia was understandably shocked when Sam revealed what he had been up to. In an interview, she said:

“I was surprised that Sam would have been drawn to a website like that in the first place because it was outside of his usual morals and character.” (source)

We all make mistakes and we all deserve second chances. But was Nia able to forgive Sam?

What happened to Sam and Nia Rader? 

Following the hack, Sam was encouraged by his brother to confess everything to Nia. However, Sam was reluctant to do so. While he revealed his involvement with Ashley Madison to his wife, he didn’t tell her about some of the other things he had done behind her back during their marriage. 

Eventually, Sam ‘saw the light,’ after a discussion with his pastor and he came clean about all of his immoral behaviour. For some couples, this may have been the breaking point in their marriage. But Nia was able to forgive her husband when she realized he was truly repentant of his actions.

Are Sam and Nia Rader still together?

Based on what we can see on the Netflix documentary and the couple’s Instagram page, Sam and Nia Rader are still together. They post regularly on Instagram and their YouTube channel and share stories of their family life.

Sam and Nia are currently working on a book that expands on their life after the hack. Titled ‘Sam and Nia Live in Truth: Public Scandals, Secret Vows, Restored Hearts,’ the book talks about the ways in which they were able to repair their relationship after the Ashley Madison scandal. 

It’s important to understand that not everybody’s marriage ended happily after the data breach. But it’s hoped that Sam and Nia’s story can serve as a sign that it is possible to repair a marriage after it has been broken. 


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