Sakamoto Days Chapter 173 Recap & Review


Chapter 173 of Sakamoto Days starts with a flashback. In it, Akao slams Slur to the ground and tells him Kindaka died because Slur dropped the antidote. Slur reveals he dropped the antidote on purpose. Akao refuses to kill Slur because she wants him to explain himself. Slur says if he didn’t kill Kindaka, a group of individuals threatened to kill Gaku.

Moreover, he confirms these individuals have his family held hostage. Slur delves into his past. He reveals he grew up in a facility that raised orphans to become assassins. He says the orphanage’s main head honcho, Asaki, ordered him and others to go on assassination missions. Then, several men from the JAA arrive and tell Akao and Slur to raise their hands in the present timeline.

One of them says they’re under arrest. Akao murders the men and flees with Slur. Akao says she did what she did because she understands Slur’s troubles and argues Slur isn’t a bad person. In a vehicle, Slur says he wants to return to the orphanage to save his family but Akao suggests they develop a strategy first. Meanwhile, the two decide to visit several shops, purchasing goods and discussing life as they go.

Eventually, the two visit a gas station and realize their car might be unrepairable. Fortunately, Slur fixes the car despite Akao suggesting they steal vehicles. While Akao reflects on her life with Slur, the chapter ends with her informing the readers that her and Slur’s joyous lifestyle won’t last long. 

The Chapter Review

Yuto Suzuki’s been on a role with giving fans wonderfully-drawn chapters with entertaining material. However, everyone has their limitations, regardless of their talent. While the imagery in this chapter was serene and funny in places, some panels don’t look as appealing as others. From rough sketches to unfinished proportions, it may be in Suzuki’s best interest to take a break.

Much like Gege Akutami, Yoshihiro Togashi, and other mangaka, audiences will understand if the author needs rest. Unpolished visuals aside, this chapter gives viewers a glimpse into Akao and Slur’s early beginnings. Additionally, we receive details about Slur’s family, his orphan-like upbringing, and a look at the type of individual he was like before embarking on this Bonnie and Clyde-like adventure with Akao. 

It’ll be interesting to see what ruined this amusing companionship of theirs. Whether through death or miscommunication, we’re optimistic Suzuki will deliver an exceptional explanation in future chapter releases.

All in all, this was a fine chapter of Sakamoto Days. I’m interested to see what else we’ll learn about our pair’s history in Chapter 174 and beyond. 

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