Sakamoto Days Chapter 172 Recap & Review


Chapter 172 of Sakamoto Days starts with someone from the JAA contacting people from the JAA’s sixth base. Unfortunately, all the men present at this base are dead. Then, we see Slur, Kanaguri, and other members of Slur’s organization at the JAA’s sixth base. Kanaguri says Slur defeated these men with Takamura’s abilities. 

Kanaguri notices Akira’s unwell but Akira says she’s fine. Akira thinks they should stop Slur because he’s going too far. However, Kanaguri insists they let Slur do what he wants. Then, Kumanomi approaches Slur and praises him for his effort against the JAA personnel. Then, Slur attacks Kumanomi, much to Kanaguri and Kumanomi’s shock.

Kanaguri realizes Slur can’t control Takamura’s personality. Before Slur attacks Kumanomi, Akira rushes in and saves Kumanomi. Akira tells Kumanomi that Slur may not have control over Takamura’s personality. Kumanomi doesn’t listen to Akira. While Kumanomi rants, Akira asks Kanaguri to help her. Kanaguri refuses to help.

Before things get problematic, Akao (another personality of Slurs) takes control. Enraged, Kumanomi uses her abilities to cause problems. She’s bothered by this personality-swapping fiasco and wants Slur back. Akao pushes Kumanomi aside and explains the personality-swap fiasco to Akira. She says Slur can only copy someone based on his memories of them.

Since he knows Takamura’s a rampaging killing machine, he can only imitate that aspect of Takamura. Akira asks Akao how she knows who Akira is. Akao says Slur and her discussed Akira in the past. The chapter closes with a shot of Slur and Akao. 

The Chapter Review

This chapter gave us a deeper look at Slur’s rampage from the last chapter’s news broadcast segment. It appears Slur’s starting to utilize Takamura’s abilities to his advantage, making him a more dangerous threat than many may have anticipated. The museum story arc showed Slur utilizing Takamura’s powers briefly. 

However, this chapter gives fans a better understanding of how Takamura and Akao’s personalities work concerning Slur. This is a neat detail and helps give Slur’s character depth and makes him appear as a flawed individual. Moreover, this chapter had some fine comedy. From Akira’s sickness to Kumanomi’s rants, fans will enjoy seeing Slur’s organization members get into common mischief.

At the same time, this chapter leaves fans with questions regarding Akao and Slur’s connection. Hopefully, the next chapter can delve into their history as it’ll help solve fans’ questions about these characters. All in all, this was a funny, slightly action-packed, and intriguing showcase from Sakamoto Days this week.   

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